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The Marriage…Friday’s fiction in five sentences.

It was the perfect wedding. The sun had shone just at the right proportion. The storybook garden where they shared their vows was dreamy. Everything was as it should be. Sublime.

Yet Cecilia felt some restlessness in her spirit. Helmut is a perfect match. Mother loved him very much and approved of him. Even her picky friends liked him well enough. They considered him the dashing, wealthy European.

Their marital vows felt like a constriction to her vocal chords. She shook off the inner voice and focused on the sizzle. She loves Helmut, he’s a passionate lover and even as every cell in her body screamed ‘don’t‘ she said I do.

It didn’t take a long time for her to realize that the marriage was a huge mistake.

Helmut’s perceived candour turned to blunt cruelty. His passion became an obsession. He smothered her to death.

© Jacqueline Oby-Ikocha

Image credit..pixabay


33 thoughts on “The Marriage…Friday’s fiction in five sentences.

  1. I learnt this too in a very practical way.
    I loved him, he was my charming prince not listening to that nagging feeling that says NO, I went on to date him. What did I get for it, a man who crushed my spirit, destroyed my self esteem, controlled my decisions, made me cry often… So glad I left him before it would be worse.

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  2. How awful. We need to listen to our instincts and our brains when they tell us something isn’t right. Sad this girl was smothered to death by a cruel man. Well done Jacqueline.

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