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Tuesdays Trickles….My Thinking Corner // 16.

Every Tuesday, I share snippets of thoughts that I call ‘My Thinking Corner.’

I would like to invite you to participate. The challenge is quite simple.

Each Tuesday, share your very short snippets of positive, inspiring, motivating, health, spiritual, writing advice, clips, posts etc, that can serve as a prop to motivate others and simply add my link to your post.

I call it my thinking corner because, I actually take out a bit of time just to think through things, encapsulate my thoughts as much as possible and detoxify my mind. It helps give me clarity of vision and might help you too.

It might work for you in a different way, but the idea is to get the positive thoughts flowing.

Please send in your little thoughts. You never know whose life you might inspire.


  • To have a gift without putting it to work is as good as having none.
  • Between your trying and your triumph, you have the ‘umph’ waiting to be heard.
  • Opportunity is a flippant bird that flies off too fast, but temptation can be an albatross leaning on your doorbell with all its might, thus you must be quick to hold on to opportunity and slow in opening your door to temptation.
  • Your enemy can’t lure you to commit evil that you didn’t sign up for in your mind.
  • Your journey here on earth is to enrich it with your essence. How are you doing in your assignment?

I enjoyed the thoughts sent in by some rich thinkers. Look in and see. You might be inspired to share your thoughts.

Today’s Nuggets Stella’s snippets are full of enriching advice. ‘There’s always a way.’ All you’ve got to do is to look for it.

Tuesdays Thoughts Dupe’s short snippet is not only deep but calls for you to take an inner look at yourself. What do you see?

Tuesdays Trickles Do you still have your common sense with you, or has it gone with the wind?

Never Surrender Are you failing forward, or sitting in the dump?

Positive Choices Annettes’ post gives me serious pause to thought. WHAT are your choices? In her words and I quote below:

I need to share with you the fact that I am going through some trials right now. I have turned things over to the God of my understanding. This is new to me the FAITH thing. Never really thought about prayer or something bigger than myself.

‘May our reflections serve us well and bring about transformation that transcends beyond us and our peripheries.’

Thank you to all thinking contributors.


P.S. Please let me know if your link is missing. There are some contributors that I can’t find their pingbacks. I think it’s better to always pingback to the most recent post of Thinking Corner.


14 thoughts on “Tuesdays Trickles….My Thinking Corner // 16.

  1. Always nice to be reminded about how unique and special we are individual. Great piece Jakie. And thanks a bunch of flower for the ping back.

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  2. I do enjoy your Tuesday’s Trickles…have planned (actually, still do) on getting on board and wouldn’t you know the days coming to it I’m all on board and 💥BAM💥, like yesterday I was on the road way early & day ended at just after midnight. I’m not as young as I used to be Girl. JS. #standin #hubbytime #homeshowprep #blastfromthepast #bookedashow #finallybrushedmyteeth #hitthesack #upnatemtogoagain

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