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Midnight Motivations And Musings #15


Those who crave for the moon have to learn how to reach for the stars, even when life knocks you on your back. As a matter of fact, that is a good position for star gazing πŸ˜‰

Wishing and not doing is idle-dreaming.

Dreams are only actualized when the steps are set in motion.

Your steps shouldΒ be broken into days to give your a greater opportunity to be fully present in your moments.

It makes no sense running off to make a five year’s projection, when the next weeks projection is staring you in the face without being dealt with. That my friend is simply trying to play the game of delayed procrastination with your time.

Do remember that all the time that you have are equals to your life.

Step out of the revolving door and dare to fail forward.


Β© Jacqueline Oby-Ikocha



23 thoughts on “Midnight Motivations And Musings #15

  1. Your quote on the revolving door hits me hard. Sometimes I see my week activities just a replication of the week before. But then upon a new look I see that I have taken a risk occasionally that has paid off. I love the rewards I get on blogging when I take a chance on making a comment to someone whom I do not know well then finding they understand me perfectly. You always understand my tongue-in-check, humor, or serious sides. I love joking with someone who knows I’m joking. A safe comment like “That’s nice writing,” seems dull at times. But I do that too, especially when I want to know someone and am playing it safe. Now to get to the stage of saying, “I want to know you,” is a much more risky We often avoid being that vulnerable until we have had several little pleasantries. I enjoy you and your writing. See how much more personal, and true.

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    1. I totally get you my lady Oneta. Sometimes, I am at a loss at what to say on someone’s post even though I have what I want to say in mind, but I am not sure how they will receive it. You do good networking and I love your sense of humour as well πŸ™‚

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      1. Jacque, would it be okay with you for me to use your quote and my comment above in a post. I know how to link to you and would like to do so. I’m asking this question during your sleeping time, aren’t I? I’ll wait. Thanks. You are greatly loved.

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  2. I feel like you’re talking to me! I think you just frightened me! I like that rovolving door idea though! It’s so true how we can get so caught up in other things… Sometimes I wish a day had 48 hours and I didn’t have to sleep! Why do we have to sleep? What a waste of time! LOL! Keep up the great support system! I’m beginning to feel the burn! Wise words Jacqualine πŸ™‚

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