These Heinous Things That People Do…

Sometimes, I read the news online as I work, just to keep abreast with what goes on in the larger World that I am part of.

Occasionally, you stumble across good news but 98% of the time, the rest of the news are the heaps of rubble of wicked acts perpetrated by mankind.

Why would a man kill his own little son to accommodate the whims of his teenage girlfriend :/ ?

Why not return this child to his mother or better still send him to CPS or whatever welfare around him that would accept the boy if he had no other choice and didn’t want him any longer?

How heartless can a human be to snuff the life out of a young innocent being?

I guess he will claim temporary insanity, when the poor little, trusting boy didn’t get the opportunity to claim anything.

It is so sad to see so many people out there seeking the fruit of the womb, seeking for just one child to call their own and some undeserving human gets to kill the one that they have been blessed with.

Now, I hope his teenage sweetheart is happy and they should be hanging together for the rest of their days behind bars? Such people are even a waste of space and taxpayers funds.

Such news leaves me feeling ill about humanity.

© Jacqueline Oby-Ikocha

The Daily Post Prompt Ripped into the headline.

Write about something that happened over the weekend as though it’s the top story on your local paper.

54 thoughts on “These Heinous Things That People Do…

  1. Old fashioned words like reprobate, unregenerate, and just plain evil come to mind. Human beings aren’t inherently good. We’re a combination of good and evil and the scary part is all of us can go over to the dark side in a heart beat. Our hope for humanity isn’t in humanity.

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  2. I couldn’t bear to click on the link, just your explanation was enough. What is wrong with these people? I can never understand this kind of behaviour, especially towards a child. These people should never be allowed to go free.

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  3. Nature, nurture or a little of both, help to create the monsters in this world. I don’t know if anyone truly understands the mind of a killer, not ever the killer himself. A sad story, Jacqueline.

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      • Yes, it is, Jacqueline and no, un-reading is not possible, unfortunately.No one, who is normal, can take a human life without suffering dire mental consequences.Just look at the number of law enforcement officers and soldiers returning from war, who have to seek counselling after they take a life…in some cases that counselling lasts a life time.


  4. I remember the story of a South Carolina woman who drove her 2 toddlers into a local lake, drowning them because her new boyfriend “didn’t like kids”. It has happened a few times since, and is always heartbreaking and so hard to comprehend.

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  5. It doesn’t make a bit of sense. Like you said, he could have easily given the child back to mom and let her care for him. But he was probably concerned about having to pay child support. Not thinking he would have to pay for his crime. It is absolutely bothersome to hear about the murder of a child. Idiots!

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  6. ‘We’re a strange animal!’ I think it’s the innocents that gets to me the most! Imagine a world where evil didn’t exist in any form; we’d be far more advanced! No one need be poor, sick or hungry… Greed would disappear. That truly would be paradise! I think drones may just be what turns the tide, if they can stun someone until Police arrive on the scene! Gene splicing and genetic sequencing hold great promise for adjusting character traits! So much could be possible, if we only invest wisely…

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      • Amazing changes are coming Jacqueline! Just remember Moore’s Law: ‘Technology doubles every 3 months!’ You are fortuneate to be the right age where you will see and benifit from these changes, including extended lifespan, and commercial space-flight… I, on the other hand, will not. So be happy! You’re living in a wonderous time of transformation!

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  7. That news is surely a saddening saddening crime. Like what Mitch Albom said, “Why humans kill each other is beyond my comprehension, but I can testify that you have been doing it since your inception. Only the weapons change.”
    It is sad, yet so very true.

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  8. Absolutely and sadly it is the way the media chooses to portray the world. It’s trying to find interesting papers, magazines and good blogs to read that’s difficult. I recently wrote a very angry rant about these atrocities that are committed in the name of love and it sickens me. The children always seem to suffer. 😟 Jx


  9. So many times when I wish I did not hear or read the news. Stories such as this just ruin my day. I have no sympathy for the man that killed his little boy. He needs to be eliminated from the human race.

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  10. Insanity. Some times it seems the whole world is insane. People murdering each other, hurting each other, hating each other because of differences in religious beliefs, race, and sports teams!
    We must remember, though, the media is focused on bizarre behaviors. Most humans are kind, generous, and helpful. Apparently, the media finds that we don’t read about kind behaviors.

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