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Reading Drivel…personal

Consistent habits can become defined and after a while forms our characters.

Sometimes in these character mix we find certain habits picked up, which are not only unsavoury, but serve no meaningful purpose whatsoever.

I have my own fair share of habits that I am still trying to let go of, so that I can have room for more positive growth in my life.

Recently, one major challenge has been late night nibbles. Sometimes, I can go for weeks without doing so, then something goes off somewhere and I am back to a frantic bout of the nibbles. A big work in progress here.

However, one of such habits that I have been successful with, was my abrupt decision to stop reading books that I have no better words to describe them other than calling them licentious, x-rated pornography in literature, the only thing they lacked were depicting coloured pictures to match their words.

No, they were not good old fashioned romantic reads, nor what some would describe as soft porn, they were vile, page after page harsh content of lewdness and gross sex, which actually had the reverse effect of offensive for me and I was left wondering how someone could sit down to write a hundred and something pages of utter rubbish.

My curiosity was sated, my conscience was annoyed with me, no particularly worthy knowledge was gained from such dalliance on my part except some vibrant imaginations that were unfortunately painted on some part of my brain cells and it was not a regret to dump reading such drivel by the wayside.

I pencil the past readings down as research, but my money will not go to fund such further waste of my time.

© Jacqueline Oby-Ikocha

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Tell us about something you’ve tried to quit. Did you go cold turkey, or for gradual change? Did it stick?

29 thoughts on “Reading Drivel…personal

  1. we have the will the quit whatever’s making us annoyed. As always my dearest Jacqueline, you make me smile while reading and yet think about some major deep stuff.
    All my love goes to you 🙂

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  2. Over the years, my mood disorders along with just plain Woody Allen neurotic thoughts have led to a plethora of “bad” habits when it comes to interacting with others (not to mention those when no one is around).

    One habit I have really worked on is reacting with some variation of “whatever” eye roll. This is one habit that is hard to because not only is it an almost instantaneous reaction, a lot of of the times I don’t even know I’m doing it. But I’m trying.

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  3. Hmm, reminds me of one book I stopped reading with that same description. It was a manipulative incestuous prick who look zero % remorseful. Reads like these are not only a waste of money but time, you cannot never get back.Lessons learned.

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  4. Jacqueline, truth be told; from my personal experience, it takes God and strength of character to break up with old, negative, unproductive and destructive habits. The luring, enticing and sometimes fashionable nature of these habits is nothing but a trap in disguise. And only a fool will yield or succumb to its demand.

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  5. I applaud your decision, Jacqueline. I made that same decision some years back and now I find myself flinching at even the occasional f**k or an explicit scene. When looking at book summaries on Amazon, if I see their warning about the containing explicit sex, I don’t buy it, no matter how good it sounds. I’ve dropped favorite authors in the past because they changed their writing style and started having too much of that crap in their books. Like you, I don’t need that trash in my head.

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    1. I had that experience recently with a website I followed. Smart, articulate, interesting, often very insightful essays on current events, politics, and lifestyle. BUT….the constant use of profanity and crude adjectives to reference women had me finally deciding to no longer visit or follow. Now I was born and raised in New Jersey, where learning to cuss effectively is a right of passage for most. So I can appreciate the use of some well placed off colored adjectives.
      This was not that. I think the “flinch” you describe can be an excellent barometer for stuff not needed in our lives.

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  6. I am also guilty of the late night nibble every now and even. It use to be an everyday occurrence but now it’s only a few times a week. Definitely need to stop altogether. I hope you are able to as well!


  7. My heart hurts for those who feed on such trash as you have described. I wonder about the depth of sexual depravity some must have to go to in order to know the joy, thrill, contentment, purity of loving sex. Many people miss so much by starting the sex act by stripping and hopping into bed. No winks, no hand holding, no valentines, no love notes under car window wipers, no sharing peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. Aah, so sad.

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      1. I made a grave error in my comment but I see you read what I meant instead of what I wrote. I don’t believe anyone ever finds contentment in sex by engaging in depravity. An emptiness that cannot be filled as you said. And often leads to rape, child abuse, and lost lives.

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