My Clay Feet…personal


Did someone mention flaws? Oh dear!

My heap of clay feet is so huge that it’s too heavy to be placed on a pedestal. I am covered in bruises of flaws.

I am bandaged and sore all over from the blight of character that I suffer.

Grace and mercy saved me from the blisters of slavery to my flaws and I hardly know where to start, but what I know for sure is that I am truly glad for the gift of self acceptance and discovery.

Before I got married and had children, my patience level was low and needed room for improvement. In simple terms, I did not suffer fools gladly.

However, with the arrival of my darling, yours truly, my  young patience was stretched thin, that there were times I wondered if God was having a chuckle as fate deliberately paired me with a man who is my direct opposite and who would drive me crazy with his own eccentricities.

Then the arrival of children stretched it further, yet, surprisingly made it stronger and more elastic to such an extent that the level of my patience in recent times astounds even me at times.

I used to worry incessantly. I worried about my family. I worried about tomorrow. I worried about the state of the World and everything worth worrying about up until the ministrations of the Holy Spirit made me realize that worrying about issues beyond my control was simply exhausting, fruitless and non-purposeful.

I learnt to start casting my burdens unto The Lord as minutiae as they may be and over time, I have noticed so much improved difference. The trials and lessons were actually meant for my own long term benefit.

It’s really an endless list but, something that I know for sure is that, not only is my evolution a transforming liberation for me, but also a spiritually refining progress.

Without doubts no one can claim to be flawless. Even the Saints were Sinners at some point in time in their lives.

Now I see my flaws as my beauty spots 🙂

© Jacqueline Oby-Ikocha

The Daily Post prompt Flawed.

What is your worst quality?


35 thoughts on “My Clay Feet…personal

  1. ” not only is my evolution a transforming liberation for me, but also a spiritually refining progress.” Yes indeed. Great post.

    not only is my evolution a transforming liberation for me, but also a spiritually refining progress.

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  2. Well, for starters there’s a small scar on one of my cheek bums from a childhood experience in the bathing tub. A foot that almost was amputated-jumping from counter into garbage can with broken bottle in it. Stretch marks in bums after giving birth…do I really have to continue?? :O))))

    “It Is in our imperfections that perfection is found.” @Emma Ortega Negrete
    p.s. yes, I got quite a few quotes that pertaining to flaws.

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  3. You are so beautiful Jacqueline…..(had to get that out the way first)…reading this post I swear we have so much in common. I use to worry all of the time as well….and my kids have made me much more patient than my younger years. Although it took a lil while after having my first son cuz I swear that lil boy was more than a handful!!!

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    • Thank you so much for the sweet compliment. You have done such a wonderful and impressive job Deborah. The grace that enabled you to surmount such challenge will come through for you. In no time, you will realize that you don’t even dwell on it again 🙂


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