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We Have A Record…

GEMS largest human sentence

We may not be Emiratis, but we do live here and we feel proud to share in breaking the Guinness World Records along with our host country, especially as my daughter was among the almost 7,000 United Arab Emirates pupils who formed the World’s Largest Human Sentence.

We beat China, the previous record holder by several hundreds.

In the sea of whites, my daughter is a shiny white dot among the letter D.

Now, this has made my traipsing from shop to shop like a mall rat, while looking for a no-frills white shirt and the daunting feat ofΒ  engaging aΒ selfish selfie taker in the restroom/washroom – that’s what we mainly call it here, worth all the trouble.

Remember, no selfies in the washrooms please. Thank you very much.

I am still smiling and feeling very magnanimous, I may just be a bit more forgiving to indiscreet toilet photographers if and when I catch them πŸ™‚

Β© Jacqueline Oby-Ikocha

Image Credit: The National News


24 thoughts on “We Have A Record…

  1. Trying to catch a glimpse of her in the letter D… Lol ! Well done mummy for helping to get that very necessary white shirt. Yoruba will say: A o jere won o…Amin! (We will reap the reward of our labour over our children). Congratulations! Help me give a hug from meeee…

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  2. That amazing human sentence really did make it all worthwhile..and your lobby for no cameras in the washroom! I remember hearing about cameras in phones for the first time when they banned them from YMCA locker rooms.

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    1. Thank you Janice. It was interesting to see them put it together with such a large number of students. I honestly think phones should be banned in locker rooms, rest-rooms and wherever people can be found in some state of undress. I appreciate your comments and time. Regards.

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