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An Artist for Nobility….

An artist for nobility

Desire to paint was compelling. She couldn’t stop even when there was hardly any coins left to purchase supplies. Grocery change finagled to buy a paint or two.

Thoughts flowing from fingertips onto the easel with boundless verve, leaving people in awe of the elemental depths of her works.

Mama had urged her over and over to focus on a sensible trade. To pull her head out of painted clouds.

Mama’s fear, was that she would end up a penniless and hungry artist, if she had nothing else to do.

To please Mama, she had learnt a sensible trade. A governess to spoilt brats and dabbling in her painting away from prying eyes.

If only Mama could see me now!” Georgiana fervently wished for a moment.

Her works had won the National Art entry and gained public acclaim!

.And here she is on the palace grounds, painting her ladyships gardens. Appointment notes chock full with sittings for portraits and the likes!

Who would have thought! I Georgiana, the daughter of a green-grocer, would be an artist for nobility!

Jacqueline Oby-Ikocha

In response to the photo prompt from Graham Lawrence for Flash Fiction For Aspiring Writers.

Thank you toΒ Priceless Joy for providing this challenge platform.


40 thoughts on “An Artist for Nobility….

  1. Loved where this story started and where it led to. A struggling artist that had a love and passion for her painting and ending up painting for nobility! Wonderful story Jacqueline, I loved it! Thank you for participating in Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers Challenge.

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  2. This reminds me of my relationship with my 18 year old son…he has a passion for wrestling but I tell him school and work are top priority…then wrestling. I have no problem with him having a passion (I encourage it), I just have a problem with him living with me until he’s 25 lol….great story, Jacqueline. As you can tell, I can relate!

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    1. I really don’t blame you. The way things are now, one really has to get their acts together to get a job out there after school and I am one of those mom’s too. My son was very interested in football but it was quite a distraction, so I insisted that the focus has to be on his studies for now.

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  3. Such an inspiring story! She pursued her passion regardless of the negative comments from her mother and her determination paid off. Sad that her mother was not there to see the accomplishment her daughter made.

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      1. How lovely! And how wonderful that there is one word that specifically means, not just chalice, but one that is clean and sparkling. Obviously you chose the right husband. (Probably for other reasons too!)

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