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Monday’s Mental Chatter…

This excerpt is from my mental chatter.

The Voice: “You try to cover up your true self to appear acceptable to others.  You make it seem like you’ve got it all together when most times you are falling apart silently. Why do you put on that costume of gaiety and false calm, hoping that others are not suspicious of the truth that lies behind this facade of positivity and courage, of the turbulence that brews beneath your seeming still waters…”

Me: “Shussh! I hiss in disgust at The Voice. By the way, you are free to mutter all you want and to state your unfounded opinions, you don’t get to tell me what to do.”

Does this sound familiar to anyone? Oh well, I must say that a lot of times we have to hold on to our facade to survive the onslaught of another day. As a supposedly intellectual being and an educated mind, I am learning to entertain the many voices that forage in my mind without accepting their submissions. I daresay that each of us wears a costume; either of gaiety or otherwise and whichever outfit you may don as your outer appearance, never lose the authentic you.

All These Names That You Call Me…


You called me crazy
But I tell you that’s hazy
I just have lots of crazy characters
And lots of good friends
Who chatter in my head.

You called be lazy
And I said, Oh maybe
What’s the hurry
When my pillow
Is reluctant to let me go.

You called me fat
And I said no, not that
I just have extra layers of awesomeness
And I am built to last

You called me a dreamer
And I said, please add weaver
For I weave my dreams
While I eat fortune cookies and cream.

You called me a writer
And I said, that’s better
It seems I have to go chatter
With loads of characters
Under my hatter.

© Jacqueline Oby-Ikocha

”Writers aren’t exactly people… They are a whole bunch of people trying to be one person.” F. Scott Fitzgerald