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Life Is A Suitcase…

white luggage

Did you know that life’s a suitcase

In which we journey through this maze?

You put the things you feel you’ll need

As you trundle along at your own speed

Good portion of love

Inside your trove

Helpings of smiles

Will go a mile

Family and friends can come along

They are always there to keep us strong

A dash of life skills is worthwhile too

A pinch of resilience without much ado

Good thoughts, positive vibes are simply a must

With good faith and in God we trust

Sometimes some run out of space

They end up with a bursting suitcase

Sometimes we over anticipate

And end up paying for excess luggage

Though life may have it’s bumpy trails

But if we pack with some essential stuff

We would enjoy it as we set sweet sail

That my friend would be good enough.

© Jacqueline Oby-Ikocha

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