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Again and Again and it Sticks…


Some of us are positively wired morning humans, while some are later hours wired humans who want to kill the poor morning ones for too much positivity and energizer bunny bounciness at a time that they would consider as ungodly hours.

Please, I do crave your indulgence. I am one of those early morning sunny child and I married the moody moon man. What a chaotic sizzling hot combination. I digress.

Over the years, I found out that truly, whether morning or evening human, we are all creatures of habit and comfort. When I go away from my abode, I may stray a day or two away from my usual habits, but I will find that within the next few days, I am eager to get back to the known, comfortable cycle.

Most times, once we have set off on a certain tangent, its repetitive sessions almost becomes inculcated in our lives and gradually it sticks to us as a form of habit. That could be an explanation as to why some people who ooze negative vibes from start to finish find it difficult to break such a vicious cycle.

For instance, I wake up early (even my idea of a lie-in on a Saturday morning is pretentious, compared to some people that I know) and jump start my day with certain activities.

I practically wake up with ”Thank you Lord” on my lips each morning before dashing to the loo, getting some business taken care of and going through my to-do list in my head.

I have found that making those positive affirmations, spending that 5 minutes early in the morning to go through my Bible or devotional (sometimes, on the go) helps keep my mind steady and with that positive strength of my mind, I run my day more productively.

On the other hand, on days I wake up from the wrong side of my bed, with a cotton wool head and grumpiness, the day simply goes South, except I climb back into bed and try to crawl out from the right side, second time around; which by the way is luxury that I cannot afford.

That day practically runs me (which is not my ideal picture) and I end up faffing away most of my time gathering more wool and not achieving as much as I would have ordinarily.

So, in essence, I make great efforts to do the positives again and again until it is almost on auto.

I haven’t perfected the art yet, but the journey to achieve excellence is actually the greater part of the success.

So tell me, which side of the day are you? Morning or later hours?Good morning

© Jacqueline Oby-Ikocha

In response to NaBloPoMo – Monday, November 9

What is the first thing you do every single day (I mean, after you hit the snooze button)? When did that step in your routine begin?

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Out of The Deep…a short story


He wanted to nestle in the snug, cocoon of floating senselessness, the insistent voice wouldn’t let him be.

It kept pulling at him; nudging him back from sinking into the deep abyss which beckoned with it’s twinkle of light that beamed at the end.

The nagging voice grew stronger and stronger and his unconscious state was reluctantly dragged to the fore.

His struggle to rise was weighed down by heaviness. Beeps of machines, his mothers anxious voice and the drone of uniformed voices brought it all rushing back.

He remembered. That single minute of distraction checking his tweets; the tumultuous collision, rushing pain and weightlessness.

He remembered floating through the sea of pain, the sweet calming voice of the fair lady who came to his rescue and cradled his head.

He wondered why one of the Saints his mother honoured daily had cradled his head?

He stopped believing those things for a long time, but humored his mother when she dragged him along.

Now he didn’t know what to believe. All he knew was that somehow, she had saved him.

© Jacqueline Oby-Ikocha

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