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To My Visitors and Followers

Susan’s Thoughts…On Change

A change that will affect all who are visitors, followers, and subscribers to this Blog. This will also impact my life as this transition happens. I decided to close my .COM blog and begin blogging on Facebook and LinkedIn. The content will be my thoughts in Journal format and will include

The content will be my thoughts in Journal format and will include short writing of fiction, nonfiction stories, and poetry that I have written. Right now, I am using my Page, Susan’s Thoughts and Musings, as my Facebook page. This page will be changing its name to Susan’s Soul… If you don’t belong to Facebook, you will not be able to see my postings, but who doesn’t belong to FB?

The reason for the change is threefold:

First, I need more time to devote to my writing and my memoir with less time spent managing and marketing my blog. With only 24 hours in each day, I have spent 12-18 hours setting up posts or guests to post, marketing to all of the social media sites, etc. but I have no income despite trying affiliate links.

This brings us to the second reason for my decision. I need more income and more time to spend writing my memoir, freelancing. and a new business venture that you may hear more about in September or October.

The last reason is very personal, but I need to work on some of the things I have blogged about. I need to take care of myself with love and caring by giving myself permission to do other enjoyable things in my life, including personal socialization, time with God, and time for rest.

In closing, I will see you visiting my Facebook page, Susan’s Soul… if you choose to follow me. If you choose not, I will miss you and pray only good things for you in your life.

God Bless You,
Susan’s Thoughts and Musings

Midnight Motivation and Musings 107


Change is difficult to embrace most times because of the fear of the unknown and this fear leaves us clinging to old habits, experiences and even harmful situations that we should let go of.

When we fail to let go and release these things that we need to leave behind, we are unable to create room to receive better experiences.

© Jacqueline Oby-Ikocha

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I am Jacqueline Of All Trades and not a Boring Bumkum!..

How would you feel if you are at a cocktail party or any social gathering, where several chit-chats are going on in small circles and you are stuck with a Mr/Ms Know-it-all, who is busy spouting boring bunkum over a singular topic that would probably put you to sleep at the get go; no matter how much you try to steer them into a more interesting  topic?

Your ears will twitch and strain in a giraffic eavesdropping attempt to catch morsels of discussion going on across the room, where every body looks animatedly  engaged, while you nod in mindless agreement to phrases and lip movement’s of a conversation that lost your attention 2 minutes after it started

I bet you, once you think it is polite enough, you would definitely find the quickest and possibly a dumb excuse;  usually a visit to the rest-room always comes in handy, then make a fast get-away, only to slink back in and go over to join the merry crowd who are laughing off their heads and having a swell time.

I definitely don’t want to be that boring bunkum that you  want to escape from!

I love to know bits and pieces of this and that, even if I don’t know all of them with the proficiency of an expert, at least let me know enough to hold a sensible, intelligent and entertaining discourse.1448372992825[1]

Certainly, there are people who are designed to be experts in physics and geology and what not but, I am simply not one of them!

My interests are so diverse that sometimes I wonder when on Earth I am going to be able to experience doing them all!

Serious consideration on making a bucket list as long as ever, is currently on-going on my part, so that I can start prioritizing those things that I want to do or learn to the best of my ability and for my own pleasure.

Maybe it is due to my spirit that seeks to find beauty and fulfillment in everything that I see that pushes my desire for a bit of  knowledge of diverse things.

I would rather have a spicy and flavorful life of bits and pieces of knowledge than a staid, cold custard of expertise.

© Jacqueline Oby-Ikocha

NaBloPoMo Prompt – November 25, 2015

Do you think its better to be a recognized expert for one thing or known to be really good at a lot of things.

You Can’t Stop Now!…

Starting a new project is akin to venturing on an unknown expedition which is fraught withKeep trying excitement, uncertainties, trepidation, breakthroughs and a basketful of other emotions of unknown origins.

Most times, we are hesitant to approach a project that looms in our minds, overthinking the process of that new beginning with all the should I, would I, could I and what if’s under the sun.

Once that overthinking, over-preparing process begins, our zeal starts to wane and that little nay-saying imp hanging around the corridors of progress waiting to say nay at the slightest opportunity, will validate our excuses with all the best laid out reasons and will nip at our heels with glee.

A simple approach which I have found that works before I jump into the fray with two feet, is to ask just two questions with a chart to tick my answers:

What is the purpose of this project and what do I stand to gain with its success?

weighed against:

What do I stand to lose if it doesn’t pan out the way I thought it would?

Once these two bits have been sorted out in my head, I dive in wholeheartedly and give it my best shot. Some days along the way might be arduous but I limp along and keep telling myself “hang in there, this too shall pass”.

By the time I know it, time is flying past, I am enjoying the process and recording success to the point that when the end looms in sight I start feeling withdrawal pangs, wondering why I didn’t do this before.

Over the years, with little things that I done here and there, I found that the greatest fault is not failing to succeed in that which one sets off to achieve, rather, it is the failure to attempt in the first place that is the biggest problem.

To my fellow NaBloPoMoer’s and The NaNoWrimoer’s, just hang in there, this too shall pass!

© Jacqueline Oby-Ikocha

In response to NaBloPoMo, Tuesday, November 10

What is the hardest part of a big project: getting the energy to begin, finding the time to work on it, or feeling down that it’s over?