Shoe Bauble… Mundane Monday


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Mundane Monday

Guess Which Shadow is Mine…Mundane Monday

It takes standing in the light to see one’s shadow, but even when in the dark it’s right there with you, keeping you company and urging you to step out of the darkness and into the light.

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Guess which shadow is mine ūüėČ

Mundane Monday challenge is created to find beauty in everything.


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Potato spuds…Mundane Monday

Mundane Monday Challenge is created to find beauty in almost everything.

The challenge is simple : find beauty in everyday mundane things, capture the beauty and upload the photographs.


I bought sweet potatoes for my three days menu plan, by the time I got to use it, it had started sprouting.

That gave me a little pause to dwell on the life cycle of a plant, or the potato as the case may be.

Life does not need us to happen all by itself.

The potato showed signs of not minding being replanted to yield more harvest.

Are you replanting something?

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Bony…Mundane Monday

There’s beauty in the ordinary things that surround us.

I get to see all sorts of random stuff when walking.

According to my husband, he says that I take my walks with a peculiar gleam in my eyes as if I am a blood hound on the trail of something.

I am still trying to figure out if I should laugh at his comment or glower at him. I guess it will depend on my mood and PMS ūüėČ

I wonder how the person/s ate the fish on this trail? I think they were two people and they ate the head too!