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Black Friday or Broke Friday Just as an aside, I’ve never understood the frenzied shopping practiced on Black Friday. I guess I never will. I like Deborah’s slogan, ‘don’t hate, donate.’

Common man, There’s something about this poem that had me thinking of Shakespeare and Charles Dickens. I truly enjoyed it.

Ten things to be happy about An interesting list. I’ve always believed that happiness is an inside job and finding things to be happy about is my business 🙂

Who’s for slavery, show of hands A thought provoking post and here’s my opinion below.

Humanity has been dogged by slavery in many forms over the ages, some have been totally brutal while some are covert like the modern day slavery where a picture is painted that the victims are working for their money. I truly doubt if slavery will ever end as long as man inhabits the earth. It would only reduce due to awareness, but the greed for money will never allow it to fizzle away.
With what my eyes have seen, heard and read, if not for stringent measures that make it difficult to acquire slaves in today’s time, there are still so many who would jump on the wagon of enslaving others in the Western World.

52 weeks of thankfulness We can never thank those who support us enough. Brigid shares her thoughts.

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