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iWitness…The Antics Of 2 Pigeons.


Nature teaches us a lot of lessons if we open our eyes to see them and learn.

One of the reasons that I enjoy my little walkies as often as I can fit it in, is that I am always rewarded by stumbling on glimpses of the simple things that inspires my mind and gets me thinking.

My family have grown used to my two steps forward, two steps halt or back and a pause to assimilate something.

These little things are the best things in life and they are totally free. They bring me so much contentment and stimulation.

I took a not so brisk walk off my usual route and this scene of two pigeons trying to pick at crumbs which were scattered on the road caused me to pause, find a leaning spot and watch.

Why was it interesting? It interested me because they both courted danger with cars moving around them. Of course they could easily fly off if a car got too close and one of them did run off when the heat got too much.

The determined one doggedly kept darting back to the pecking spot at every given opportunity , vigorously filling itself while the scared one stood by the sidewalk cooing.

I think I spent a good five minutes or more observing this antics and taking a few photos.

As I watched them, I had several thoughts running in my mind and some of the lessons I learnt and I will write them in quotes are:

‘A little more effort and a little more persisting, that which seemed like it was a hopeless case, might actually become an opportunity for a resounding success.’

‘We should not give up on our quest at the very first sight of a barrier.’

And the last quote from William Eardley IV came to my mind:

‘That ambition is the path to success and persistence is the vehicle that you arrive in.’

One bird ran off, the other stood his ground and was well rewarded.

I want to thank Amra and Spiritual Journey  for inviting me to take part in the quotes challenge and I would like to extend the invitation to these three bloggers:

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