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Midnight Motivations and Musings #41…


Harmony can hardly be arrived at when we have constant internal turmoils stemming from grudges borne over something.

A whole lot of times grudges stem from expectations placed on someone and when it’s not met, we become resentful and store that in a corner of our minds and hearts. Even when we say that we’ve forgiven the person, we keep a long list of records of all the shortfalls.

If we minimized our expectations from others to almost nothing, that way we leave room for pleasant surprises and also save ourselves that feeling of being let down.

An instance is our personal relationships. A lot of relationships fail because we go into it with a long list of dos, don’ts and infernal expectations.

They are not GOD, but fallible humans!

This virtually applies to everything that we do. For instance you might have a nasty boss. Zero your mind down to the fact that he/she has issues that they are dealing with and they possibly don’t know how to be different.

Once your mind has accepted their contrary prickly nature, you go about your business as effectively as you can without letting the acid of annoyance and grudge build up inside you. Getting into differences with such people will only hurt you more, because the likelihood is that they may not understand, don’t care or are insensitive to your feelings.

Remember that you cannot change other people, but you can change yourself. Who knows, your balanced sense of self and disposition might actually serve as a source of inspiration for such people.

© Jacqueline Oby-Ikocha

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Would YOU?

Would you lend a hand

To help those hands

Hanging out of the pits

reaching for someone

anyone to help and give a tug.


Would you lend an ear

to help listen to that sad soul

who needs a simple shoulder

just to lean for a bit.

narrow or broad, any shoulder would do.


Would you lend a voice

to say no to violence

to help push a cause

that fosters human well-being

a common need for us all


Would you lend a dime or two

to help a brother break some bread

for not everyone that you see that begs

is really a lazy never-do-well.

Some fell on real hard times


Would you help to whisper a prayer

in the silent abode of your heart

for an ailing stranger

whom you know not

hoping that things will be for the best


What would you do to help

those painful eyes

those limp, bruised arms

those hungry souls

those voiceless ones


Would you silently help

or would you shift your eyes

pressing the phone aimlessly

in an attempt to appear busy.

and simply walk on by?


© Jacqueline Oby-Ikocha

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Human Bots In The Midst Of The Dirty Spam Bots!


I have a full spam box and decided to slowly weed through and sift with a fine tooth comb, because I have actually unknowingly weeded out a lot of good comments with the load of rubbish before, so I was being careful this time, though it was quite lengthy.

Amidst the offer for watermelon flavoured Viagra, several trolls, crazy offers and all manners of Chinese writing that I couldn’t make out what on earth it was saying, I saw YOU, YOU, YOU AND YOU

I wonder what is going on and why I have lots of decent humans mingled with trashy bots 😐😕?

Apologies if you sent comments and didn’t hear from me.

I am in the process of disentangling you from the weedy trash 😉

I was of the good mind to chew WordPress’s ears, but changed it quickly because I don’t want them to let some mad dogs out of the spam cage and into my arena.

P. S. Did I ever tell you about my green, Johnny just come, new-beginner days when I was responding to comments from bots? Ah!! I guess that’s a story for another day 🙂

My regards,

Jacqueline Oby-Ikocha