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Closing the gap…


They called it an ugly name

They called it Slave trade

It was man’s inhumanity to fellow man

An injustice that took so many and destroyed the human spirit


They called  it by a fancy name

They called it The Holocaust

A horrific history

Of the evil machinations of men


They called it by a fancy name

They called it apartheid

It was the great divide

That was strictly applied


They gave it a fancy name

They called it genocide

It was monstrous and intensified

An attempt to cast aside and to nullify


They have given it a fancy name

It is called racism

Which is just a term applied

To subjugate and sub-divide


Each of these fancy names

Has created huge gulfs

Among the human race

That leaves us mortified


How do we ever bridge

This great divide?

For the bridge across

Is a long, treacherous walk away from home.

© Jacqueline Oby-Ikocha

The Daily Post Prompt Divide.