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My Relaxing Indulgence…The great book of lists.

My reads of the moment

My reads of the moment


For this week’s Great book of lists, we get to outline our hobbies. Through the years, my hobbies have changed a bit. A lot have been dropped by the wayside due to push and pull factor of life. Some exigencies and recent moves found some things falling into the crack of lifes pavement.

However, there are some hobbies that have grown to become an intrinsic part of me:

  1. I love to read and I read to live. As far back as my conscious mind can recall, I have been in love with the lettered word. Even as a child, I would spend my pocket change on a book instead of something else. I read voraciously. As an adult, I indulge in a book, two or more in any given month. Reading is my sleeping pill. After the day’s hustle, I settle my nerves down with a book and if the book is a compulsive read, I might read far into the night or toddle off to sleep as I read.
  2. Writing. This is my way of thinking. I think through my fingers. Even before I ever started blogging which is just 11 months ago, I journalled every day.
  3. Doodling. I sketch. I really don’t know how it works but sketching relaxes me. I just doodle whatever comes to my mind. Sometimes, they turn out very nicely.

    The Running Man

    The Running Man

  4. Can people watching be classified as a hobby?
  5. Taking photographs. I have thousands of random photos taken over time. I hope to find time to take professional lessons. It’s a hobby with a lot of potentials.
  6. Dancing. It makes me very happy. I dance just for the sake of it. No celebration required. I get a shake of a leg in virtually every day. Somewhere, some how, I find my ten minutes of wiggle the waist 🙂
  7. My daily me time gives me a little room to flex my mind, to tone down and just exhale. I could spend my me time just being quiet, or taking a walk and soaking in the things around me.

There are some hobbies that I miss doing, like crocheting, playing the piano, pottery making and sewing. I don’t know if it’s that the zeal has waned or due to time squeeze. I guess I can use the excuse of not having a piano here in Dubai to console myself.

© Jacqueline Oby-Ikocha

To Quieten These Voices…


Is it not yet obvious why I blog? Well, grab a cup of coffee and let me tell you some things:

I blog because I love talking and connecting with other humans with like interests; hoping the people I am meeting online are not all aliens 😉

I blog so that I can develop my writing muscles and focus. It is like thinking through my fingers.

I blog because I can attempt to paint my pictures in words.

I blog because the crazy voices and characters in my head won’t let me keep quiet.

I blog because it gives voice to my thoughts and clarity to my deliberations.

I feel a deep satisfaction when I have finally said it, until the very next second, when another idea pops up.

I blog because I have heaps and heaps of stories to twist and tell and dear husbands ears are getting hot and tired.

I blog because the riotous emotions that thrum in my blood only quieten down when they have been let loose.

I blog so that I can keep my sanity. It calms my restless heart.

I blog because it would be a shame to have something to say but choke to death with everything buried inside.

I blog so that I may empty myself a piece at a time and by the time I am old and checking out, every single part of me would have oozed out.

I blog for posterity sake. I want my progeny to find bits of me somewhere in this space when I am long gone. No one can tell my story better than myself.

I blog because blogging and writing a novel are not precisely the same. Writing a book is a tailored, more time consuming venture while blogging is like a chat between friends over a nice cup of coffee/tea and a decadent slice of sweetness.

I blog so that I can be a part of the inner caucus of such an elite society with a sophisticated name. Blogger! How nice 😉

If not for blogging, I wouldn’t have been exposed to this huge fascinating World of bloggers and I would not have met you, you, you, you……….

Is this answer sufficient or should I refresh your cup and continue?

© Jacqueline Oby-Ikocha

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Why do you blog?

Her Tiger Butterfly… a short story

Intense look from his eyes caused Brigitte to peek over her shoulders. No one there, except the wall.

“The gentleman from the symposium.” “Of course, it couldn’t be me that he is admiring.”  “No one notices wallflowers or do they?”

Mama despairs that she would be left on the shelf.

”Don’t slouch Brigitte!” ”Wear a smile, you shouldn’t scowl so much!”

Auntie Agatha tut-tutted at her bumbling attempts at playing the piano, violin or knitting.

”Don’t frighten off possibilities with too much knowledge of tomes, ruins, horses and butterflies.”
”Men do not appreciate too much intelligence her sage counsel.”

Tired of no dance, a breath of fresh air is required. A flitting moth of unusual colour catches her eyes and she ventures to discover; new addition to my glossary she thinks.

Over voluminous skirts she trips into the Rose bush.

Strong arms encircle to help her up as she mouths her thanks into intense gray eyes.

Unwittingly, she has captured her own Tiger butterfly.

© Jacqueline Oby-Ikocha

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