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How Can I Repay You?…

Gratitude 3

Today’s Gratitude challenge on Colline’s blog meets my heart filled with a lot of appreciation.

How can I repay the Lord for his goodness to me?
I will raise a cup of Salvation, I will call on the Lord’s name!
My times are in your hands and you are my God!
Even though I walk in the valley of the shadow of death,
I will fear no evil!
Unto you O’Lord, I give my all!

I am thankful that I am seated here right now talking to you and not at the hospital nursing broken bones or one of my young.

Yesterday evening, as I went for a walk with the children, we had just turned round the bend onto the zebra crossing which is a few meters from the house, when a Mercedes sports with it’s open roof came barreling round the bend. It appeared as if it even accelerated as it bore down on us. We barely managed to jump out of harms way by the whiskers of our teeth!

Luckily, I was clutching my youngest son’s hand as we dove for safety because he tends to lag behind. A lady with her child in the stroller, tripped over her Abaya as she also hurried along and fell in the process; luckily she wasn’t hurt and the baby didn’t tumble, except for her startled nerves and a small scrape. Zooming around in snazzy cars with a load of impatience seems to be the bane over here.

I will try not to exaggerate here, but as I shouted angry expletives, the fine lady driver stuck out her lacquered finger in an effing sign at us and zoomed along.

It was truly a struggle to stop the stream of swear words that were bubbling up to my lips and I am not sure if I would have stopped myself if not for my children. I try not to scandalize their senses.

Do I have a reason to be grateful or what? So many ugly scenarios had painted a picture in my head.

Thank God that Mercy said NO!

A heart filled with Gratitude, O’Lord.

© Jacqueline Oby-Ikocha