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Tuesdays Thoughts…My Thinking Corner #14.

Every Tuesday, I share snippets of thoughts that I call ‘My Thinking Corner.’

I would like to invite you to participate. The challenge is quite simple.

Each Tuesday, share your very short snippets of positive, inspiring, motivating, health, spiritual, writing advice, clips, posts etc, that can serve as a prop to motivate others and simply add my link to your post.

I call it my thinking corner because, I actually take out a bit of time just to think through things, encapsulate my thoughts as much as possible and detoxify my mind. It helps give me clarity of vision and might help you too.

It might work for you in a different way, but the idea is to get the positive thoughts flowing.

Please send in your little thoughts. You never know whose life you might inspire.


  • ♥ When you keep undermining your self-worth, no one else will take the time to elevate it.
  • ♥ We fritter away our lives with too many details. Simplify it! Keep whittling away the excesses.
  • ♥ When we have joy that runs deep, nothing can rob us of it, because we can dig in deep and reach for it. Every other hurt will be on the periphery.
  • ♥ The recipe for unity is not complicated, but it takes love and perseverance.
  • ♥ As you proclaim peace and love with your mouth, endeavour to see that your heart matches your proclamations.

© Jacqueline Oby-Ikocha

Our last week thinkers brought in dollops of good thoughts:

Enlightenment from Dollops of Heedful Ramblings A sweet short quote that cuts into the meat of the matter.

Inspired Series from Seye never leaves me empty handed. I always come away richer.

Simple Power from Kay. You need a shot of this. Never underestimate the strength of your words.

Thank you to all the contributors. May these words take roots in our lives and may our harvest be bountiful 🙂

‘So, when will you share those nuggets of wisdom of yours?’

*P.S. I know that I read more thinking thoughts from other bloggers than those listed above, but for some reason, I can’t find the ping backs to some of them. Please give me a heads up if your’s is not showing here.



Since You’ve Been Gone…


I see you around the corner, the likeness of your eyes in the eyes of a total stranger down the shopping aisle.
It startles me.

I see you in everything that I look around me.
In the random formation of the clouds.
I sometimes see your wise eyes peeking through and winking at me.
It gives me joy.

I hear you in my thoughts. Your words of wisdom, of love, of encouragement
Are etched upon my soul.
They keep me warm.

I hear you in the music. The music that you loved so much, that I grew up knowing that love.
They sounds of music comfort me.

I see you in my little boy’s face. Sometimes, I stare at him so hard, as I seek tell tales of you written in his genetics.
It leaves me amazed.

I see you in the hands of a gardener pruning plants, in the gentle waves of a blooming plant, you loved all things green and they did so well in your hands.
It makes me smile.

I feel you in the drumbeats of my heart, because you are me and I am you. Everyday, my thoughts dwell on you, for in every little thing I see you.

I visualize you looking on from high up and I wish my hands could stretch up so high to give you a hug.
I get some comfort from the warmth of the Sun, telling my mind that you are with me.

In the smile, in the laugh, the stare, the walk, the phrase in a young child’s face.

I catch myself holding one-sided conversations with you and your imagined responses prompt me to sigh, to laugh and to cry.

I see you.
In everything that I am.

To you my dear dad. Always.

Yesterday was World Cancer Day, I lost my dear dad to Cancer two years ago. Sometimes, the pain is just so raw that it clogs my chest and my throat. He was a very lovely human and a fabulous dad. If there is one ailment that I could wish away from the World, it would be Cancer.

To those battling The Big C, may abundant Grace and Strength remain your portion. We will beat it. Blessings.

© Jacqueline Oby-Ikocha

It’s Never Too Little…


My heart is glad for the pretty things that surround me in this environment. The flowers are blooming all over the place and the birds are flocking all around.

For the simple things of life, like a warm bowl of chilli and vegetable soup brewed in my kitchen, for the crispy cool Sahara air; even though we are all sneezing and coughing, I give thanks.

Above all things today, I am so grateful that we were able to find Prednisolone at 3am this morning, when my young boy woke up with sudden bad allergic reaction and a swollen face.

We used all the normal stuff for him, but to no avail.

He is allergic to certain environmental factors and it occurs more with weather changes like Summer with all the pollen or the dusty Winter air in this climes.

I did not want to use EpiPen which I keep for only extreme reactions.

Mercifully, the allergic reaction has been arrested and we have every cause to smile.

For what are you thankful today? ”Remember that feeling gratitude and not expressing it is like wrapping a present and not giving it.” – William Arthur Ward.

Would you like to join Colline’s gratitude challenge? Just click on the link and join the party.

© Jacqueline Oby-Ikocha


As Magic Abounds…

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The air is so crispy
The birds are quite chirpy
The magic of nature abounds
As I imbibe all the sounds


My quick strides grow shorter
My eyesight gets sharper
My senses soak in deeper
Pictures become magically wider


The lady and her dog walk past
Bow-Wow says hello
The labourer offers a fleeting smile
And he works pretty fast


So much floral blooms
And golden, droopy trees loom
Scented float of planted perfume
There is simply no room for gloom


More barking dogs
The tinkle of calm waters
The men play a hand of golf
And a bird catches a grub


A deep sense of satisfaction
Of peace I sense within
As the Sun peeks to say hello
I am happy to embrace me


My passion has called
Now, no longer ignored
I hear the reverberations
Of the magic hidden within.


© Jacqueline Oby-Ikocha
Written during my morning walk.

Writing 101 – Day 1: Magic

The Truth As it is 😄

In my mind,

I run like an African Gazelle,

filled with grace,

speed and style,

while in actual fact,

I am a robust Heifer,

trundling along,

with a rolling gait rump,

also filled with grace,

style and attitude,

to make up for the speed.

Go ahead! Have a chuckle at my expense.

© Jacqueline Oby-Ikocha

cartoon-funny-elephant-jump-exerciseImage Source: Indy Pendent Thinking


Have you ever had a mill stone tied around your neck? No? You are not sure? Well, unforgiveness is a mill stone!

Bearing grudges does not only feel like the weight of an albatross sitting on your neck, it is giving free rental space in the hardware of ones brain to issues better tossed out.

Forgiveness frees your heart and mind in ways that are beyond measure.

I forgive, not even for the sake of the person who has offended me, but to set myself free.

You forgive for your own sake, because not forgiving is called slow poison.1448465122541[1]

This poison taints your heart, taints your mind, taints your life and it is a hindrance to the fullness of your joy because it will always remain a dark shadow and an acid leaching away at the insides of the unburdened.

It is a given that somethings may happen to us that makes us feel as if we can never get past it to the level of forgiveness, but indeed we can, when we seek the grace, even if we don’t forget the incident because it is difficult to delete certain memories that have become ingrained in our memory banks.

However, our minds are very resilient and will fight for us if we give it the chance to. Sometimes, if I am mad at someone and they are within reach, I simply unburden my grudge and move on. It is not worth nights of lost sleep. Not one bit.

I speak deeply from painful life experiences that I thought would make me cynical, embittered and an unforgiving soul.

But love set me free! I had to actively seek peace, forgive and let go for me to be free indeed. It was so bad at a point that I secretly wished every imaginable ill on Earth on the offender and when I say that it took the serenity and the divine grace of God to expunge my bitterness, I don’t mince my words.

When I accepted those words ”daughter you are loosed” over my life, my joy burst through that no dam could contain it. Now all I feel is pity! Maybe, one day, I shall speak of these things.

It took learning to realize that even though forgiveness does not excuse a behaviour, it prevents that behaviour from destroying one’s heart.

Forgiving was unlocking the door to set a captive free and that captive was me.

Not forgiving meant empowering the enemy some more and remaining a victim.

© Jacqueline Oby-Ikocha

The Daily Post prompt I Can’t Stay Mad At You.

Do you hold grudges or do you believe in forgive and forget?

Stretching The Vision….

Our external vision are absolutely important, but without our internal vision we are more or less blind.

One’s internal vision acts like a compass, steering wheel and rudder that directs our sweet spirits, whispering through our lives with guidance and grace. Vision

Our internal vision can be nurtured even beyond what our physical eyes can behold and our expectations.

Have you ever wondered how some of those who have challenged physical capabilities are able to do exceeding great things?

It is from their internal vision.They nourish and nurture it constantly despite adversity.

They walk by faith and not by sight.

What are you doing to build, foster, nurture and encourage your internal vision?

What are you looking at?

Remember that as a man thinks in his heart, so is he!

Thank you izzyasabee for inviting me for a round of 3 day quote challenge. I appreciate the opportunity.

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