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Silent Flow

For some reason, when I saw Ronovan’s Haiku prompt for this week, my thought went to resilience. We may be making efforts and at first, it seems like nothing is happening, but with persistence, we will certainly see good results.

We may be making efforts and at first, it seems like nothing is happening, but with persistence, we will certainly see good results.

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Though silent still waters flow

with persistent effort

it tears down hardened rocks.

© Jacqueline Oby-Ikocha

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Riverstone…Ronovan writes haiku weekly challenge

For some reason, the pair of words ‘River & Stone’ that Ronovan gave us for this weeks’ haiku brings thoughts of possibilities to my mind.


Consistent flow of the river 

carves the biggest rock

into millions of little stones.


The poor man  from Little Riverstone

came on last nights steamboat

with his backpack and high hopes.


© Jacqueline Oby-Ikocha

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Your Strength – Writers Quote Wednesday Writing Challenge.


You never know much strength you have, until you have put yourself to the task.  Jacqueline

Your strength lies often in your brain
and not just in the brawn,
your strength lies often in your wisdom
and not just in the intellect,
your strength lies often in your diligence
and not just in an attempt,
your strength lies in your tolerance
and never in bigotry;
your strength lies with others
and never just on your own.

I would describe myself as a self-driven and purpose minded person, but sometimes I fall short of my own expectations and possibly the expectation of others as well.

However, I’ve learnt with time that when I partner with others, like my family, colleagues, and friends like you, I achieve far more than I even imagined.

Starting my blog was delayed for years because I felt that I didn’t have enough of what it takes to maintain a blog, but here I am today, plugging away everyday without looking back.

Now I don’t even have enough time in the day to attend to my writing needs due to all other responsibilities that have my name written on them. Nevertheless, I take a moment at a time and apply my best and continue the act of balancing the rest.

I enjoy the prompts for WQWWC. They give me the opportunity to reflect and possibly make my own quote around the topic at hand. You can always join in.


Strength – WQWWC

P.S. Our monthly Meet and Greet/Blog Party comes up this weekend Sat 27th/Sun 28th August. Hope to see you there.

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3 strategic partners already! Just Wow!

A couple of days ago, I sent out a post indicating my interest in having strategic blog partners and between you and I, I thought that I would probably have to publish and republish the post a million times before it would receive any sort of response, if at all.

To my delight, my supposition has been proven wrong.

I now have 3 fab partners and several more inquiries.

I am tickled pink and coloured in smiles.

Thank you, dear folks, for your good will 🙂

My strategic partners so far can be found on my side bar and here they are below.

Do take a peek. I run with the right crowd of good people 🙂

Inspired beacon

Cybernetic Blonde

Lifting Taboos: Throw it all up…it’s all beautiful

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Out of the silent breath

Enchant me with your expressive eyes, that crinkles in laughter as you speak

that I may find myself ever caught between

the reflections of your pupils and there shall I remain.

*an excerpt of my poem*