Stream of Consciousness Saturday.

Few of my favourite things – Streams of Consciousness Saturday

I love pretty things. They are delightful to look at. I’ve always loved colour splashes and if truth be told, I have no favourite colour ‘cos I love them all.

There’s something pretty about each hue and my eclectic self can never seem to decide on a colour that’s the best colour.

I’m a sound of music kinda girl and at the same time a spirited ruff and tumble kind of person.

I no longer try to define myself because no definition does a pretty good job of summing me up. I confuse the heck out of my dear Himself at times 🙂

Pretty ribbons and sashes, pretty flowers, a pretty, frilly, girly frock are a few of my favourite things.

A pretty frock on a little girl or indeed a lady transforms her. I do own several pretty dresses though my jeans are my quick get-ups to wear when in a dash.

On Sundays, I enjoy dressing up for Church, in a pretty dress, my heels and sometimes a hat or scarf depending on my mood.

My walk simply changes and the swing in my hips decidedly pronounced, I guess it’s the combination of the heels and dress and my dear husband loves it too 😉

These days, I take my time to shop – except for groceries that are essential to survival. I choose carefully what I want to buy either for my home or to wear. It has to be pretty, aesthetically pleasing. Something that would make my heart smile.

There’s no point acquiring things just sporadically and for the fun of it. I try to surround myself with those pretty things that warm me up and enhance my sense of pleasure.

Life is pretty fast these days and the days are too short to waste on ugliness.

Jacqueline Oby-Ikocha


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Everyday People

Longing – Everyday beautiful people 88

“Sometimes we spend our time longing deeply for things that we can’t have and miss those things that are available to us. I guess that’s called life”  Jacqueline Oby-Ikocha


I’m all dressed and good to go. Can someone please let me out of here.

That’s my imagined thoughts of the mannequins desire as it gazes longingly at passersby 😉

If these dolls can talk, I wonder what they’ll say?

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Out of the silent breath