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Midnight Motivations and Musings 94


Will I have the opportunity to live life a second time? I have no answer to that question, but I know that in this realm, you and I get only one chance and one life to live.

The constructive question that I keep asking myself as I journey along now, is am I living as I should? Am I living my life or am I letting life live me?

Am I in a position to take charge of a lot of things that goes on in my life knowing that a lot of my destiny lies in my hands?

What am I doing to put myself in that position?

Or, am I just willing to ride along and take whatever fate flings at me?

We’ve been given a free will to make daily choices and even though some choices may be out of our control, the bulk of it all truly rests on us.

Each day, the mindful thoughts, the conscientious actions that we take determines how our moments play out.

Blessed be.

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Out of the silent breath

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Introspective Reflections…


I can see clearer now the fog is gone.

I can see a lot of silver linings newly borne.

They illuminate brighter than golden urns.

Blurred visions of scattered bones along my way,

Had distorted views to thing’s, I must say,

And had held me dismayed in their sway.

I saw the reflection of split personality,

Of inner difficulties and aspiring destiny,

Casting illusions on introspection of originality.

Many feet scattered in the rubble of times past,

Unbirthed, aborted, buried and dead at last.

I can see clearly now the ghosts are laid to rest.

Broken visions melded and better than the first.

Atop the ladder of scattered dreams and buried bones,

I glimpse the brighter vision reflected and renewed.

© Jacqueline Oby-Ikocha

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