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How contented are you? Or are you fussing and cussing and getting mad over everything?

My journey to a healthier me

For all those of us battling with the scale and wishing we could whittle the fat away. This great post is for you.

I’ve decided to accept all of me…every beautiful curvaceous rounded edge and corner of my body. I am proudly me. I had to get to a point where I started to love myself. I just needed to stop the battle within myself against myself. Self-acceptance became my focus point instead of pushing away this beautiful person based on a number on the scale.

Awesome Awetism Adventures

What brilliant idea this is. I simply love it. Take a quick peek.

Raising Teens

Our children emulate us. Most of their attitude/behaviour is learned and this is largely from their homes. If we are not better adults, how exactly do we expect to have better children?

Bullying starts at home. It starts with adults who see no problem with posting brutal responses to tragic stories because they need to feel that they are better than others—just as a school-yard bully would do; they need to claim the position as better parents, better guardians of their teens, more efficient workers, etc. This competition is so destructive to society.

Finding a happy disposition in a sea of disparate negativity

Fabulous post!

Choose to be the type of person that everyone wants to work with, to talk to, to collaborate with…a positive and happy disposition is a cohesive force!

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The Bag Lady…

The two young men laughed and made fun of the strange lady in her colourful mismatched clothes. They were the town’s bullies, who preyed on those that they perceived as weak.

They called her mean names, shoved her around and they tried to frighten her into parting with any possible money that she had.

No one knew who she was. She was a drifter to these parts, but she knew people like them. She knew such boys whose idea of fun was to make others miserable and she had dealt with them in times past.

What they failed to understand was that beneath what their eyes could see, the bag ladies oddities ran far deeper than their imagination.

As she wheeled slowly towards the edge of town, Blaze and Basil grew impatient and decided to rough her up.

In a flash, she turned on them, chanting loudly as her eyes flashed vibrant neon colours.  She turned them into two colourful, mellow cows with ear tags that read peace and love.

Till today, the citizens of Not-To-Be-Cowed town marvel at the strange appearance of the beautiful cows with the name tags, but they don’t miss the ruffians.

© Jacqueline Oby-Ikocha


In response to the FFAW photo prompt above. Thank you, S.Writings for the picture and Priceless Joy for this enchanting story platform.