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Her eyes

The pain stung her flesh,

But couldn’t pierce her soul!

Ha! She laughed in it’s face.

Her defiant laughter, a taunt in pains face.

Fiercely she fought,

Giving it her all,

Victorious she won,

Depriving pain, the gain of it all,

Though this flesh is gone for good,

She has exchanged it for a better one,

Her spirit lives on,

Her laughter shall echo in the winds,

Her unfading presence,

A cloak of comfort,

To those she left behind.

In memory of Barbara Beacham

© Jacqueline Oby-Ikocha


As most of you know by now, Barbara Beacham, the lovely host of “Monday’s Finish the Story” flash fiction challenge, passed away from cancer, on Sunday, November 22.

Because she was a beacon for many of us, several people have asked that a flash fiction challenge be done in her honor and in her memory. This is a ‘special’ challenge and does not replace the normal weekly challenge which will be posted as normal.

Thank you Priceless Joy for presenting this humbling idea. May she rest well.

Image credit: Pixabay

Tormented Heart….


In the doldrums lies my Soul;
Cast in the deep shadows of melancholic sadness;
Adrift with the lack of sense of it all;

I remember your fair sparkle;
Your gentle modulated tones of speech;
Your laughter that tinkles like little bells;
and your eyes that dance in merriment.

No preceding warning;
Not anything at all!
You were here;
Now you are gone;

Like a wisp of wind, floating…floating away;
You have sailed away;
Never to be seen again.

Your dancing eyes sleep, dimmed in forever;
Your gentle ways a resounding loss;
Your sense of humanity gone…so gone…

Oh! My Soul grieves at the pain of it all;
For the young ones that you have left behind;
Their shocked bewilderment and despair;
Staggering at the blow that fate just dealt;

My eyes are dry and tear ducts sealed;
I am in open-mouthed disbelief;
Yet, I remind myself of the transience of life;
That it shouldn’t come as a surprise;
That Souls journey often to another realm;

Yet, it does surprise and it hurts;
I am as sore as an angry bear!
Shall I say goodbye?
I have no idea how…….

Best friendJacqueline Oby-Ikocha

Terror Stricken… shall we forget?

In response to the seventh edition of the Creativity Carnival.  That this edition comes to you on the anniversary of September 11 attacks makes it special.

Terror stricken

Like yesterday, it dawned like the day before..

Unlike yesterday, we mourned like never before..

The frame of the building shook, groaned and trembled in anguish..

Its staggered implosion, tumbled heaps of concrete, glass and reinforced metal deafened the eyes..

The billow of dust and the ashes of the dead rose into the clouds for miles and miles apart..

They painted the skies, blinded the ears, clogged the nostrils and choked the heart…

The wails of the siren sounded forlorn..

Of mayhem and catastrophe unleashed like never before..

The silence of the fallen..

The virulence of the bereaved..

Limbs shattered, Tears frozen, Dreams crushed..

All buried in heaps..

We scoured in the rubble covered in smog and perspiration..

We waited, we uttered prayers in utmost desperation..

The land ran dark with red blood and gore..

Our hearts ripped out from our chests and crushed under tons of concrete and metal..

Terror stood in our eyes..

Anguish ran down our nose..

Our blood fired at such betrayal..

We are left clutching nothing but hope..

The pain of the Lost Ones never to be forgotten..

But out of the rubble and ashes of despair..

The Phoenix

Bravely we rise again!

© Jacqueline Oby-Ikocha