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  • Accept that you are probably going to fail many times before you succeed, however, nothing can defeat your hustle except when you accept that your failures are cast in stone.
  • Your success is not what you dream of. Your success is the actions taken to bring your dreams to life.
  • Our failure is not in the lack of our talent, for each of us has been blessed in abundance; our failure is the lack of self-control in mastering our passions and making them multiply.


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Let your light shine thru: You’ve got no choice in the matter, but to let your light shine through. Lovely quotes that perks you up.

Partnering: Here’s a new word ‘bliends,’ thanks to Roo coining up blog and friends. How smart. I love her focus on friends in this community. We go far together.

With a nod to the experience: short, serene, beautiful words that liberate you. A good read to start a day.

How can you take action against letting your vices run your life: show me your vices and I’ll show you mine 😉 Great article.

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