Positive Affirmation Challenge

What About You? Affirmation Challenge Day 46

I am a self-contained oasis of peace.

For me, being a self-contained oasis of peace does not imply floating in a bubble. It means accepting myself to the core of my being.  It means being able to forgive myself for my mistakes. It means being totally fine with who I am and not struggling to become another person that I am not even though I also realistically evaluate things that I need to improve upon. It means NO Shame. None!Image result for image quotes about inner peace

Being at peace doesn’t mean being perfect or detached and does not imply that all that needs to be done has been done. It’s striving to find balance, understanding my dreams, desires, beliefs, values, and goals and aligning them. It means walking my path with no apologies, hesitation or second-guessing. Being at peace is realizing that some things just don’t matter and letting them go.

Being at peace with myself is understanding that not everyone will like me and that I may not like them as well, but having enough perspective to treat everyone with respect.

I am not constantly high on life. I have many bad days when I feel angry at myself or disappointed with my choices. I have low moments when depression and PTSD weigh me down, but even in the midst of chaos, there’s a calmness of spirit.

Premsank: My quote from Buddha: The tragedy of life is not death but what we let die inside of us while we live.

Eugenia “Let nothing dim the light that shines from within” – Maya Angelou

Righteousbruin9 Each of us appeals to some people, and not to others. Having been in both groups, I can only say- Carry on.


P.S. If you wish to join this positive affirmation challenge running for 90 days, please add your quote to the comments and each day, I’ll share everyone’s quote with their links.

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