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The Girl From Yesterday…personal

Yesterday I witnessed something that disturbed me so much. At about 6pm I was driving down the highway and my car came to a screeching halt ‘cos a few meters away, right in front of me was a model-slim beautiful well-dressed black girl standing in the middle of a six-lane road.

Several cars stopped as well, ‘cos no one was sure of what was going on. She wasn’t attempting to cross the road, she was suicidal. Two brave men went and pulled her out of the middle of the road, but I’m afraid that if this young lady fails to get help, she will end up doing something painfully disastrous.

This incident messed up my brain cells a little and made me jittery. I was literally shaking with a thousand thoughts racing through my mind all at the same time. It triggered a rush of horrid feelings.

Many of you may not know this, but I have a history with a road accident and yesterday’s incident shook me, robbed me of my sleep and gave me a traumatizing nightmare.

I spent my sleepless night wondering what could have triggered such a young lady to such extent of mental anguish that she has chosen to get run over by a car?
I wondered if she has a family and where they were?
I wondered how she would get help in this forsaken place?
I spent part of my sleepless night recalling my accident and the young man I had inadvertently killed in the middle of a road several years ago.

Now I wish I had been strong enough to come down from my car to talk to this girl. To tell her that all is not lost. That there’s always hope and that she’s not alone. Maybe all she required was another listening ear. Now I am left sending silent prayers to this disturbed lady and hope that grace and mercy will abide with her. I hope that she finds succour.


30 thoughts on “The Girl From Yesterday…personal

  1. Healing Prayers to you too for witnessing this sad incident. Makes you wonder what had lead her to stand in the middle of a highway to get run over. It is not fair on the drivers either who become involved in such trauma, like yourself. It is the driver who is the real victim not the one in the road. I hope she can receive some help but as you say unlikely. Pedestrians often made me angry when I was driving because it is never their fault for creating the accident but the driver who ends up paying in many ways. Blessings to you Jacqueline.

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    1. Thank you so much Nanette for your kind words. It’s truly the drivers who are at the receiving end should anything go wrong. Believe me when I say it’s a horror and a nightmare that I don’t wish on anyone ever.
      I hope the young lady gets help before we does something regrettable.

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  2. oh so sad. I silent pray is a beautiful token of you love, compassion and mercy. I can image how hard it for you, memories jolt back in a flash incident. Hugs to you. I know time will eventually make it all right, though it may not feel like that today.

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  3. We cannot help or save everyone in need. We must leave that in God’s hands. The emotional trauma will never go away. That is part of what makes us human. We care for others, even if we don’t know them. I think you need to rejoice in your humanity. Beautiful people always care.

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    1. Thank you Charles. It’s really tough at times thinking that we can help everyone and knowing that it’s not possible. Like you said emotions make us human – even the traumatic ones’. I pray that God heals her.


  4. I hope that she obtains the help she needs, it must be very painful being in that state of mind. I admire how much she affected you, and even though it brought back painful memories for you as well, it only shows a lot about the type of individual you are.

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  5. I pray she gets the needed help or finds someone who will listen and understand what she is going through. The thought alone is so sad. As the world becomes so connected and small, the pressure especially on young people keeps increasing, hope we got each others’ back as our Creator gets us always.

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  6. Jacqui, I feel for you as I would feel the same way. It seems too many are giving up on life and the sad part is they won’t or can’t seek help. Mental illness and/or mental anxiety is still not recognized as it should be or treated properly. Blessings to you and prayers for the girl.

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