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Just Be…

Quit making yourself small in order to fit into the image that someone else wants you to become.

#BeExtra #BeYou #BeAuthentic

Just Be, Be You, Be Authentic


14 thoughts on “Just Be…

      1. 100% agree
        We used to have a government with the slogan “Every Child Matters” meaning that its no bother if you can be academic, there is something out there you excel at, and at school we needed to give them the chance to find out what it was.
        Then the new gov came in, and it all went wrong. The statutory tests have got harder. 10/11 year olds are expected to know certain grammar and arithmetic that we didn’t learn until our teens.
        There are kids struggling because if they can’t do these subjects with ease, they are falling behind in the eyes of the government, and because there is so much to cover, the artistic subjects get put to one side… meaning those creative learners are being told they have to either pass these tests, or be labelled as under achievers.
        Schools don’t necessarily agree that this is right, but we are tied to actually teach this way, because that is what the people in charge want us to do…
        Talk about square peg round hole…

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  1. That means walking away from the world. Something I’ve had to do in the last two months. In order to be you must disconnect with most everything and everyone. But then again I was always alone but never knew it until hard times struck and all there was an empty room. It was me disappearing into nothing.

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