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Word Wednesday – Keep It Real

Being true to ourselves paves our way to happiness. Know yourself + own yourself + be yourself = an authentic and happier life.

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Saying how you feel and what you think is one way to keep things real.

These days some tend to think that the usage of demeaning and insulting missives is the only way to express themselves when they disagree with another person, however, saying one’s mind can be done in a tasteful manner devoid of virulence even if your voice is the dissenting voice.

You don’t have to swallow your words and drown in the noise of other people’s opinion, but in the bid to say what you think or feel you must search for that inner voice of wisdom and give that voice the chance toย speak up.

Always remember that the way you treat and talk to others is not about them, but says a lot about who you truly are.




12 thoughts on “Word Wednesday – Keep It Real

  1. Amen! My parents did not raise me to be a doormat. I stand up for myself. Also I do not cosign to other folks ignorance, stupidity and foolishness. As much as possible I walk away from negative people because most folks won’t change unless they are forced to change. I learned to face facts that some people are evil and wicked. As the cartoon says My Spidey senses start tingling. Listen to what people say. Believe those Red Flags. I think it was Maya Angelou who said once a person shows you who they are Believe them.

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