Stream of Consciousness Saturday.

Conscious Participant – Stream of Consciousness Saturday.

As the deer pants for water so does my soul pant for peace in today’s world. Each day I wear my big girl pants and get on with living in the face of multiple challenges, sometimes, unfortunately, doubled due to the colour of my skin. One topic that I find unsavoury to talk about is race and that in 2017 I have to justify myself as a human and my right to life.

I was raised by loving, upright and hardworking folks and I aim to be a good representative of my parents. Back home, we didn’t bother with the difference of skin colour and all the rampant ugliness of hate that currently swirls around.

I didn’t know that I’m black. I only knew that I’m a valuable human being and a fellow occupant of the world and it was not until I ventured away from my home country to the US and now the UAE that the true depth of the human psyche shows up in ways I never anticipated. It has been a roller-coaster ride.

My spirit is heavy at the moment and I want to keep my thoughts contained. It’s just that I’m sad that I’m raising children in a world where a good part of their childhood is now spent teaching them that they are no different nor less valuable than others, teaching them how to react if by any chance they ever run into a policeman, teaching them to walk away when someone decides to be flippant and call them ugly words. Teaching them that they must be conscious participants in life because they can make a difference and maybe change will come in their time. Teaching them things children shouldn’t be saddled with. Teaching them………it’s simply exhausting.


Now we’ve got a spanking new badge for SoCS. Well done to all the participants and thank you, Linda, for today’s prompt ‘pant.’


29 thoughts on “Conscious Participant – Stream of Consciousness Saturday.

  1. Your post reminded me of these song lyrics that were written many, many years ago and still ring true today.You’ve got to be taught
    To hate and fear,
    You’ve got to be taught
    From year to year,
    It’s got to be drummed
    In your dear little ear
    You’ve got to be carefully taught.

    You’ve got to be taught to be afraid
    Of people whose eyes are oddly made,
    And people whose skin is a diff’rent shade,
    You’ve got to be carefully taught.

    You’ve got to be taught before it’s too late,
    Before you are six or seven or eight,
    To hate all the people your relatives hate,
    You’ve got to be carefully taught

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  2. This is a great post!

    It’s said the what comes from the heart, goes to the heart! It really touches my heart.
    I’m really sorry that in 2017 the world is going that much backward! Racism, sectarianism, nationalism, materialism, egoism and … all the other ism including how people are ranked these days according to how many likes they get ( may becomes like-ism soon)

    May God help us and give our children better days!

    Wishing you all the best,


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  3. Thank you for sharing and for saying what needs to be said. When you write “Teaching them that they must be conscious participants in life because they can make a difference and maybe change will come in their time.” I have no doubt they WILL make a difference and I hope change will come soon.

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  4. Being that I was born and raised in America I was and still am always conscious of being Black in a society a country that resents my very presence. And my parents also had “The Talk” with me when I was very young. Not just about the police but being around white people in general. In Africa you can just be you but in America you are some type of stereotype depending on your skin color. Race will always be a factor in America. Let’s face it, that’s how #45 got elected. Race. White superiority. The status quo. The current occupant of the Oval Office was elected by the Bible Belt. That tells you everything you need to know and why it is highly unlikely things will change.

    Being that Blacks are only about 12% of the American population you know where we stand. It is what most of the white majority wanted because they felt threatened. A few whites are becoming more enlightened. A very few are woke but I doubt most of them will risk their lives the way the young lady Heather Heyer. Let’s be perfectly honest if you are the majority why give up your privilege? Tomorrow many Americans will attend 11:00 am church services. The most segregated hour in America.

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    1. You know, it just weighs so heavy on one’s thoughts especially when stripped and we stare at the bare bones of these issues. I honestly can’t fathom how hypocritical these so-called Christians are!


  5. Well said, Jacqueline. Haters will be haters no matter what color we are. Living life isn’t easy, which is unfortunate since we only go around once in our current state. Sending hugs, cake, and coffee.

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  6. What Ethereal said. We’re members of one race with anthropological differences, but the inner workings are generally the same, and I for one hope we can learn to ignore the differences and embrace the similarities sometime in my lifetime. I think the whole push for diversity has us thinking otherwise. It’s understandable, and in a way necessary, but it’s an unintended consequence that prevents us from seeing the person behind the mask, so to speak. I’d like to think we could at some point stop talking about “race,” as Morgan Freeman suggests.

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  7. Very touching and very sad. The world is extremely messed up and although I am not black, I am just a human being on earth. My soul belongs to Jesus and He doesn’t care about such things…only your heart and soul.

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  8. I agree it shouldn’t be like this especially in this day and age Its digusting and disgraceful!

    As others have said we are all human regardless of skin colour…

    In Australia where I live theres racism too more so with Muslims at the moment,

    I feel a shamed of my heritage and want others to know that I honour you and have nothing but love for you…

    I’m sending love and peace your way…

    Namaste 🙏🌸❤


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