Stream of Consciousness Saturday.

The Low Down… #SoCS

Highlight of my week was bludgeoning people to check out my newly published book ‘Unbridled,’ and thinking of all the ways to get the ball rolling fast enough 😉

Do authors ever get to a point when they are no longer emotionally committed to their books that its performance doesn’t affect the highs and lows of their emotions? I am doubtful.

My emotional tank has been out of sync and swinging like a pendulum. One moment I feel anxious, the next I feel depleted, and the next I feel absolutely fine…

Sometimes, I must say that I think writing is a cursed gift, especially when I have several muses running around in my head all begging to be heard.

One needs to be mad enough to take the high road to earn a decent living as a writer, but the low down is this, the gift of writing is a gift that never stops giving and a gift worth having.

Either way, it can give you a euphoric high or bring you down low.


Linda, thank you for the prompt ‘High & Low’, it’s made me ruminate a bit to have a clearer understanding of my current feelings.

Check out my latest book ‘Unbridled.’

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20 thoughts on “The Low Down… #SoCS

  1. Hi I’m a printmaker and I’ve always described it as you do with writing -It can feel like a curse but when I’m doing it my daughter always points out that I’m both frustrated and happy. And afterwards or inbetween prints I’ve started to write again. Which makes me laugh sometimes…I think I ‘ve created this blog from nothing…and still it seems like a hungry monster. See what I mean?


  2. I’m right there with you, especially with the multiple muses in your head. This week I started writing a story I hadn’t planned to get to yet(there are still 3 ahead of it in the series), because these 2 characters wouldn’t leave me alone. I’m writing it on the side until I actually get those other ones finished.

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    1. It’s interesting when a story just keeps badgering you till you have to sit and try to tell it. These days, I have 3 novels, a poetry book and short stories dancing around in my head, but I have decided to take it one at a time, or focus on one until the inspiration wanes then look at another one.


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