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Inspiring New Beginnings…

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Nothing gets me inspired like seeing people aim high and keep going after their aspirations. Kaylaa Blackwell, blogger, entrepreneur, author of Inspired Beacon is one lady that keeps pushing the boundaries. Girl, I see you.

Her business savvy impresses me. Going from a one stop online shop that offers products to promote positive lifestyle to launching her first brick and mortar shop is a leap of faith to higher grounds.

Kaylaa has been such an immense support and partner to my site and not only do I wish her all the best in her endeavours, but I will be looking at her to learn from her vast experience.

 “People with goals succeed because they know where they’re going.” — Earl Nightingale

Excerpt from PRWeb news reads:

Inspired Beacon: An Exciting and Inspiring Online Store Offering Organic Eats, Handcrafted Goods, Gifts, Adventure-ready Outdoor Gear, and American-Made Apparel

With the ever-increasing influx of technology into nearly every ounce of our existence, there’s no mistaking that today’s world moves fast. The Inspired Beacon Store reminds customers that it’s OK to slow down and not let inspiration pass them by, to shop small and significantly, to purchase products made with passion and purpose, and most importantly to ENJOY LIFE.

Inspired Beacon Enterprise Company, LLC is an innovative modern mercantile that offers customers a one stop online shop for products that promote a positive and inspired lifestyle. From organic eats, to handcrafted goods and gifts, adventure ready outdoor gear, and American Made apparel, if it’s well-made, unique, and inspiring, chances are shoppers will find it at Inspired Beacon.

After continued growth and emerging success as an online only retailer, Inspired Beacon is seeking to expand its aura of innovation through inspiration by opening a traditional storefront in Cary, North Carolina that offers customers a premium shopping experience along with the amazing ability to expand their shopping excursion online!

This brick and mortar style Store will offer guests an exciting and exclusive selection of custom crafted high-quality gifts, sustainably sourced specialty foods, and a creatively curated collection of lifestyle products to fit the needs of green and organic lovers, artists and adventurers alike. READ MORE


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