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Sticking It Together

Being creative is a way of life. Artists creative outlet is as natural as their breathing. Everything around you is a canvas.

Collage – Daily post


Collage, Money from around the world, art, creativity, photographs

Money from around the world

Collage, Money from around the world, art, creativity, photographs, paint brushes

collage of paint brushes

Collage, Art, Painting, Money From Around The World, Creativity


12 thoughts on “Sticking It Together

  1. you are so right about everything around you being inspiring for the creative. It gets a bit exhausting as every walk I take starts me off on ideas for a blog or a poem or a photo or a painting. However I am useless at most of these crafts so I just take photos and ramble on in my blogs! However collages are something anyone can do with a pair of scissors and some glue. The results are usually very satisfying, I love them. In my old summerhouse I used to have collages of postcards following a theme ~ a very cheap, individual and colourful way of decorating a personal space.

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I love it when you decorate my heart with your words..

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