My Thinking Corner

My Thinking Corner…

Life offers us two choices, to sit and laugh with it or to sit and be the butt of its jokes. Jacqueline

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One characteristic that I would recommend for anyone to cultivate is a decent sense of humour and I am not referring to the surge in finding fun in sick, derogatory and hurtful jokes made at the expense of others.

I talk about learning to laugh at yourself and the things that life toss at you.

From personal experience, I know how easy it is to get caught up in bitterness at the hard punches thrown at you, and how we could find ourselves walking the path of unforgiveness without even knowing that we are doing so.

Like a revolving door, holding on to the door of bitterness and unforgiveness only keeps you going round in circles and often times, it might hit you in the face or the back side.

A daily example that comes easily to mind is my husband’s idiosyncratic attitudes that used to drive me up the wall. As long as I kept my eyes’ on them, they simply became more magnified and drowned out other sides that were far better.

It took the conscious effort of cultivating an attitude of changing my perspective and searching for reasons to laugh over it and not stew in annoyance – it took me years of sweating the small stuff – I found very good reasons not to throw shoes at him 😉



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