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Getting To Know George

Once I go to visit George’s corner, I wear my thinking cap. His articles make me think beyond the literal words expressed and imparts new knowledge and perceptions on my mind.

A Bit About Me

Blogger, George Foulkes, Personal Interview

I spent my core years in the Small Heath area of Birmingham, England and at the age of 13 immigrated to the United States and have been living in New York City ever since.

At the tender age of 17 during the final year of high school, I joined the New York State National Guard. During my years in the National Guard, it took me to places all over New York State, the United States Mid-West, the Deep South, Kuwait, Germany and Iraq.

The tour in Kuwait and Iraq was in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom II.

I retired from the National Guard after 24 years of service. Sadly I had to end the love affair with the Guard because I found that I could no longer keep pace with the physical demands the way I used to. It was better to retire before I hurt myself.

I’m currently employed as a civil servant for NYC’s social service agency where I supervise a team of workers. I guess you may call me a supervising bureaucrat. I am also the Union Delegate for my location.

On weekends I work as a Counsellor at a supportive housing facility where people with mental health disorders live I make sure that they take their medication.

I practice martial arts during the week. I do that at least 3 days a week or more.

I like to look at things from a win- win point of view. You may call me an optimistic person. If I should happen to experience some type negativity I find it to be small and trivial. It’s an outlook that I developed because I deal with people who are on the verge of hopelessness and the mentally ill and my negative experiences or perceived problems are very small compared to the problems people with little hope and the mentally ill face.

I am a father of one. He is now a grown young man.

A Bit About My Blog

I used to own a chat group called Mind Focus in Yahoo Groups. The group was up and running for a couple of years with discussions on some of the same topics that I now feature on my blog. Then one day out of the blue Yahoo shut down the group without any type of warning and Yahoo customer service was no help. So I decided to start the blog, True George.

The original intention was to write personal articles about my experience with the paranormal and entries from my dream journal. It has somewhat evolved to include short stories, and occasional a view on a political issue. I included the Psych Ward chronicles; it is based on real events that took place in one of NYC’s Psychiatric facilities where I did an internship.  Even though one of my original intents was to blog the contents of my dream journal I did not do it until recently.

The blogging phenomenon is awesome; if I was aware of it I would have done it sooner. When I had the mind focus group I used to search around looking for somebody else’s article to support or start a discussion. Now I write my own stuff.

My blogging experience has been great. I have connected with other bloggers who helped me improve the way my blog looks. I get ideas reading other blogs. 

My Simple Motivational Approach

I motivate myself by understanding that no one will know what is on my mind if I do not put it out there. I would be a happy camper if I know that someone got some type of benefit from the information I provided.

The Challenges So Far

The most challenging moment I have at times is deciding what to write about. I could have a head full of ideas but when it comes time for me to sit and write I sometimes draw a blank and can’t think of anything to write. Maybe I need to walk around with a notebook and take notes as the ideas arise.

My Words To Newbies

Keep blogging. What is the use of writing ideas in a book or even a personal manifesto and putting what you have written on a shelf?  Nobody will ever know you had ideas and something. At least when you blog someone will get to read what is on your mind and perhaps take a position comment on it.

A Typical Day in My Life

Well I’m just the average working stiff. Wake up move the car, get ready for work do my eight and hit the gate. When I get through the gate I go to the Dojo and practice martial arts. Come back home and relax. Sometimes after work I would attend a Union meeting and after the meeting hang out with Union officials; we go to a restaurant have a meal and couple of drinks. Other times after work spend some time with my girlfriend. On weekends I may run some errands then go to the weekend job. Sometimes I call out from working if there is an event like a family get together or sporting event I’d like to attend.

Future Outlook

I have the idea to do more creative writing and perhaps publish a book or novel.


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