Warning! Distress Alert!

Hurt, Pain, Young Ones, Killing, Duckling, Poetry, Harsh Reality, Life

I took a stroll to clear my head.
Going down the Marina, under the bridge to a quiet spot.
In a dark corner, a slight movement startled me out of my thoughts.
The sight that drew my eyes made me sick to my insides.
I had shut down the disheartening news of Manchester
wondering when humanity would recover its senses,
only to come across this one.

I am no different from this little baby.
except that I am an older duck
We are all loving beings that value our lives
and it hurt.
It hurt me to watch this young one
who hasn’t even grown to the prime of her quacks

It hurt to watch her entrails hanging out
to hear her distressed cries of pain
I can’t figure out what could have caused it
what could have brought so much pain
even when I tried to draw close
she just kept drawing away in fear.
I cried. I suddenly broke down into huge gulping sobs.

My mind went to the young children,
senselessly killed in Manchester.
Now this baby duck!
I wished I have all the healing skills
that could patch this one and put it back together again

For several moments, I didn’t like myself
I didn’t like the fact that I didn’t know what to do
That I just watched helplessly
just like we are all watching these senseless killings helplessly
I whisper a sigh of prayer for these young souls.
I whisper a well-wish. In this moment,
I just don’t like humans.



21 thoughts on “Warning! Distress Alert!

  1. Poor, poor duckling and poor, poor us that the passage of time hasn’t taught us that nothing in the world will ever be settled by the use of violence. Take care Jacqueline and remember there are far more loving humans than the crazy destructive ones.

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  2. Don’t give up on all of humanity. Bring out your own humane traits as you walk through your day. Smile in passing. Hold a door. Wait patiently for the elder in front of you when you are late for your appointment. Each humane act will multiply in paying it forward. Don’t give up on all of humanity.

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  3. You are a very talented writer i wanted to make sure you got pointed to my real blog,

    Thank you so much for the like on that old fajita recipe though =D


  4. It is so sad to see the heartlessness that goes on in our world. Sometimes I don’t have the words to describe it.


  5. This broke my heart, as did the news from Manchester. I cried and cried at all the pain today, and now your photo haunts me. Yet, I thank you for sharing. We cannot turn a blind eye to inhumanity.


  6. It is incredibly sad that we are so hlpless to put a stop to all of the misery that is going on around us. The only thing we can do is stay strong, never give up hope and continue to care for those that are affected.


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