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What’s Your Reaction To Losing Subscribers?

Are you one of those who spends days in angst wondering why a subscriber unsubscribed or do you shrug, smile and move on?

One of the common challenges that bloggers face is losing subscribers. Naturally, our goal is to gain subscribers, to keep them, and not to lose them and when we do lose subscribers we may feel inclined to know why.

I remember my earlier days of blogging when it seemed as though my eyes were permanently glued to the subscription stats and watching it go up and down was not the better part of how I spent my days. I learned that my focus is better spent on developing my blogging skills, networking to the best of my ability and worrying less about every Harry and Jane that left the scene.

I will categorically tell you that you shouldn’t over think subscribers choosing to stop receiving your updates or following you because worrying over it is not worth the sweat. Instead, concentrate on gaining new readers/subscribers who would stick with your random blather.

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  1. I’m in the shrug, smile and move on camp. Other than WordPress sending me stats I rarely look at the number of subscribers.
    I suppose like in the movie Field of Dreams my motto was “If you build it they will come. ”
    I did expend more effort to attract subscribers for my Photography Blog because I wanted my work seen. My efforts paid off and I am pleased.

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  2. I just figure when I lose one that they have found something better to do. it doesn’t bother me at all, but then I am not one to worry about numbers. If one person reads my stuff I am thrilled. More than that and it is all gravy! Not necessary but it sure tastes good.


  3. Subscribers come and go. Some subscribers stop blogging, some can’t find the time, their interests change and they move on. I don’t write to gain subscribers. I like to be creative and I enjoy the camaraderie.


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