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Two little thoughts…

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One Thought: I guess if I am asked whether I am on Twitter I will nod my response with vigour, but for the life of me, sometimes, I am as obtuse as ever on what goes on there.

I like, retweet, follow and whatever else.  I also like seeing the little hearts. However, I can’t begin to imagine why I need to buy other people to follow me as per some of the ridiculous offers that I receive. Follow me to where please if I may ask?

My silliness can get into overdrive as I have a visual picture of a long line of tweety birds matching behind me with their lips pursed in a tweety whistle while I blow my follow me pipe.
…and the other thought:  I see a lot of books with reviews claiming award winning this and award winning that. Are these badges given for free?

Recently, I tried reading a badly written – whatever award it won – book, thankfully it was online otherwise my peeve would have made me fling it out of the window.

It was not a bad storyline, but the poor grammatical construction and typos nearly gave me a headache and bad eyesight.

Over to you. What’s you little thought for the day?


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12 thoughts on “Two little thoughts…

  1. Lol, Firstly love your line of birds the most – so cute. Twitter – well I don’t know either. sometime i am active and sometimes it is my wordpress that automatically gets posted. Actually i wonder about twitter, instagram and facebook. I wonder about social mediat in general. But most of all I wonder and work on, how to I keep my self full and happy all the time. and not get side tracked by all this social media stuff.. those are my random thoughts


  2. False advertising was once a crime, and I am afraid the U.S. election was turned, and the world turning toward tyranny, because we do not care. We pressure the U.S. congress to, for example, forbid fake followers, but they have taken the “campaign contributions.” If the people do not insist upon integrity, it will soon be too late, if it is not already. Who is twitter? It is surely proper to ask, since they ae controlling opinion and politics. I do believe that twitter needs an honest competitor, and while we ae at it, how ’bout a company that produces tech that does not spy on us but serves us, as tools used to do?


  3. Internet has become a place where it is becoming increasingly difficult to choose between real and fake. Slowly the line between sublime and ordinary is blurring. Very well said Jacqueline!


  4. I’m on twitter, I do a lot of likes and follows but I don’t feel connected to real people yet. All I get is companies wanting to sell me stuff or it seems like automated tweets. Not giving up yet though 🙂


  5. I am heavily into Twitter, with 2 accounts, because of my involvement with beBee. I have an app created by a beBee member that automatically tweets my blogs and my beBee posts several times a day. I refer to Twitter as a buffer layer – it is just a means of getting more exposure for your work. My only actions on Twitter are to “like” and “retweet” those posts that I favor. If I receive tweets from those trying to sell links, etc., I just delete them.
    You can connect with me at if you wish. I have approximately 300+ followers on each account and I don’t want anymore than 500 on each account. It doesn’t make sense to me to have thousands of Twitter followers, unless you are a celebrity.


  6. Twitter? I’ve connected my Facebook to my twitter account. Whatever posts on fbk reflects there, period.

    Maybe once in a while, I check out what is going on and then off I go.


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