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Let’s Go Around The World In One Day – Echoes of my neighbourhood

If only it’s possible to go around the world in one day, yours truly would be the first to hop on that ride. Anyhow, we can simulate it by visiting the Global Village in Dubailand.

The Global Village Dubailand Dubai is a one of it’s kind in the region. It’s the world’s largest leisure, tourism, and entertainment project and receives well over 5 million visitors in a period of 150+ days. Due to the extremely hot weather in the Middle East, it operates only from November to April when the temperature is humane.

So far, the village houses 30 pavilions representing more than 75 countries in the World, from Africa to North America. The fact is that one can’t adequately cover every part of this theme village in a day. It measures 17,200,000 sq ft  / 1,600,000 m2  and there’s so much to see, with cultural shows, concerts, pavilion shows, sales and all manners of entertainment happening at every corner and the huge crowd on all sides.

I managed to catch the close of the village for the year which was last weekend, on the 8th of April. It was worth the visit though I couldn’t cover it all and I went home with sore but happy feet 😉

Lady Lee’s Thursday special is pure eye candy. Do take a peek.

Join me for a wee while as I speedily take you along.




17 thoughts on “Let’s Go Around The World In One Day – Echoes of my neighbourhood

  1. Is the village a permanent structure? I guess the revenue from the massive number of visitors even for only half a year make up for the CAPEX. I will surely check it out. There is actually a reason for me to purposely go to Dubai and not only as a stop… maybe. 🙂
    How’s the fireworks display? That’s like Disneyland’s Kiss Good Night. Does it also have the story to go with the display? I find that the “story” makes the fireworks in Disneyland. It makes it magical. 🙂
    Thanks for sharing, Jacqueline.


    1. Hello Anne, I just saw your comment. Yes, it’s a permanent structure and I do believe the make a lot of money from it. They do fireworks here big and bigg…It was awesome though there was no story with this display except the concert just before the fireworks.

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