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Naked but not Ashamed…

My silhouette

If I took the experiences

that life handed me deeply to heart

I would have committed suicide.

I am glad that I didn’t

because that’s a cowardly way out.

I see these experiences

as the hand of fate steering me in a direction.


I realise that life is hard and not fair

that life can be a bitch (forgive my French)

but the Spirit of Hope and Fight in me

tells me that new every morning

is a gift from the Lord and

I must unwrap this gift of the day

with utmost gratitude, grace, and belief.


Jacqueline Oby-Ikocha


27 thoughts on “Naked but not Ashamed…

  1. I can completely understand and have been there myself. I still struggle not to take thing personally or too deeply that it wounds me for life. At some point we are faced at a crossroad either give up and give in to the pain and eliminate ourselves, allowing ourselves to ultimately fail at either existing or living altogether or move rise up from the ground and dust ourselves off. Life has dealt me my fair share of circumstances outside of my control, people that have hurt and betrayed me and situations where in the end I got the short end. But, we remember that through adversity we become stronger, wiser, and it shapes us into who we are as character’s of our own story. Great poem! 🙂

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  2. Suicide is not just a flippant choice like many people think. It is not so much that sufferers want their life to end they just want the pain to end. In their mind life is hell and death is peace. Religion has nothing to do with their choice. Often the person is suffering with either a emotional/mental coupled with a physical disease. It has nothing to do with being brave or being a coward.

    I believe God has mercy on people who are literally forced to make this choice. Despite the stigma or threat of hell if they are already in hell while on this earth why would a merciful God send them to a place they are already inhabiting. For some people this earth is hell. Until you are pushed to that point it is easy to pass judgement and you never know where life will bring somewhere that you don’t want to be. It might seem sad or cowardly to those who are left behind but for that person it brings a Freedom. A Freedom and a Victory that they cannot experience on this earth.

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    1. I totally understand what you are saying. I have a friend whose husband committed suicide and it made me so sad to learn this. Life can be a pain but I always feel that one shouldn’t give up and to stand and fight no matter what. For me it would have been the cowards way out if I had succeeded in overdosing, because I knew within me that there’s got to be more to live for, there’s got to be more to fight for and that I have to be courageous enough to want that more. So, my freedom was making that daily choice to hold on to more despite the challenges and I find that the longer I hold on, the more I fight the bigger the courage and less the pain. No doubts there are people who are in terrible pain and just want relief, my question is and always remains, are they looking out for the more outside themselves? Are they looking up to Jesus? I know that I don’t have all the answers and can’t project my belief system on anyone, but it would have been a cowardly way for me to walk without trying all my best to find peace.

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  3. One has to have tools and resources to fight with or a reason to fight for. A person who is suicidal or pushed to take their own lives is not operating in their right mind. Again Jesus or whatever their belief system does not enter into their decision nor is it even considered an option. Their reasoning capacity is skewed. They are at the end of their rope. Perhaps they have no family or no friends. They might be homeless and most have tried to avail themselves of what few mental health services are available but many times the Mental Health profession makes their situation worse. Anti-depressants actually make you more depressed and bring on suicidal thoughts yet American hospitals and clinics give them away like candy. As for the Christian church they have failed to step up to the plate and still believe that a few prayers, some holy water and anointing oil will suddenly make the person happy and well adjusted. Again magical thinking.

    I know a lot about the subject because my mother tried to commit suicide when my brother and I were kids. I was young so I did not understand but as an adult fighting my own battles with depression along with repeated hospitalizations Now I understand completely.

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    1. The reason the person committed suicide is that they were not getting the help for their problems in the first place. However in so-called modern societies people having problems especially mental illness are ostracized. One is considered an outcast a pariah. I sincerely hope that you never go through what millions of people go through on a daily basis. However most people are not empathetic. They don’t really care about others. It is all about the judgment. Judgment might be what pushes people to take their lives. Unless you know what is like to live in continual unrelenting misery with no options or a way out then I would not call those person cowards. Bravery is just a mask or a cover-up seeking acceptance from a society that does not allow faults, flaws or failure. Life is cruel. Very cruel.

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      1. Deborah, I am close relation to a family member who has mental challenges and I would love to believe that our support has helped to keep him going – though sadly at times it seems as though our efforts is not penetrating and I totally understand the aspect of ostracism and judgment which can be harsh. It’s truly sad that this is true. Fortunately, we are automatically flawed as humans and I am waiting for the person who will point fingers at their own perfection.

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    1. Pastor Rick Warren wrote a book that was and is popular in Christian Circles. I used to own a copy. The book though useful did not bring my life any purpose or plan.

      Anyway his son committed suicide. Now if a well known pastor’s son with every resource and help available to him succumbs to his illness just goes to show you that like every other disease this one will also end in death and alleviate the pain of the sufferer. As for purpose who knows. Maybe. Maybe not. Most people just exist. If one has a purpose perhaps it is for that next life. Not this one.

      Rick Warren Tells Story of Son’s Suicide on CNN
      ‘I never questioned my faith in God. I questioned God’s plan,’ said Warren in what Piers Morgan called his most-inspiring interview ever.

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  4. I could relate to this so very well, Jacqui. It takes so much courage to carry on, but, it does make us stronger.
    I take every day as it comes too, and start it with fresh hope and vigour. Sending you love and best wishes! x


  5. Truly spoken from your heart. My Faith became strong, much stronger than I ever thought possible. Submitting the truthful to myself first, took a great deal of courage; to ask for help is not a sign of weakness, Isolation is was my path to wilderness, sadness, darkness. Without You I am dust. I do BELIEVE my path; My Soldier strength when I lean on Jesus; the greatest Warrior of All.

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