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Second Chances, Experiences

We have an Igbo proverb that says ‘when you choose to carry a clay pot up the slippery slope and fall thrice if the pot does not break, your waist would break.”

Repeating the same mistakes not only brings us heartache and failure but makes Wisdom to question our common sense.

It’s commonly said that to err is human, but why do we make the same mistakes over and over again?

It does seem as though our brains don’t learn from our past mistakes to the extent we might hope, as a matter of fact, dwelling on our past mistakes might not be the best way forward.

Instead, be more proactive and think about the future and what you can achieve if you avoid pitfalls.


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15 thoughts on “Second Chances – My Thinking Corner

  1. True talk. We must learn from our mistakes by not making the same mistake again. I am thinking a loud why do we sometimes make the same mistakes again?

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  2. As one of your other commenters said I make fewer of the same mistakes the older I get as time is of the essence. Writing down goals is so important to success. This little tip on its own is worth its weight in gold as writing them makes them tangible, keeps us accountable and also allows for seeing how far we’ve come once we’ve obtained the goal. I do long and short term goals for the year, break them down and review them on a quarterly basis. During the review process I can make needed tweaks. Excellent tips Jackie.

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  3. As Dr Phil would say, “and how’s THAT been working for ya?”

    Found your blog on ‘Just Writing’s’ blog and look forward to visiting you more often and subscribing to your podcast!

    Thanks for sharing!

    – Lisa

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  4. We should be great at learning from mistakes, but sometimes we’re just not. I swore I’d never go near cappuccino again after all the trouble I had getting to sleep that last time I had to much of it in one night, yet here I am drinking it again as I type this reply. 🙂

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