What’s Your Blogging Purpose?

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What’s your blog’s purpose?

Can you explain the purpose of your blog in two split seconds? You must wonder why I ask this question?

Except you are blogging incognito, it shouldn’t come as a surprise if people ask you what your blog is all about when you introduce it to them.

The last thing you want is to do is to mumble garbled thoughts that leave them wondering if your orange juice is spiked.

Your intention is to sound brilliant, concise, engaging and with a twinkle in your eyes when you speak about your blogging passion. Your little snippet should make them want to visit and capture some of your magical dust 😉

People have various reasons for blogging; from blogging for personal pleasure to blogging for business reasons.

With my tongue in my cheek, I dare to point out that if you are blogging just for your personal pleasure and entertainment then you should probably skip this post.

However, if per chance you are trying to engage others with your content, then it’s time to take a deep breath and ponder on your purpose for a few minutes. Read More…

3 thoughts on “What’s Your Blogging Purpose?

  1. Beautiful, structured intentional question! Thanks for the invitation to think. After a year of writing I feel clear that my blogging purpose is to share a message of hope to other survivors of poverty and complex trauma, as a clinician and survivor to say you can do it. Thriving is possible and we are each born in divine Providence; there is a purpose, meaning, lesson, gift and plan for all of our experiences if we have the courage to look. Just that 😉

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  2. My purpose? To tell tales – funny, serious, sad, engaging, challenging, entertaining, educational…. goes with my mission – to serve with love 🙂


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