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Empty Head…

Image result for images of empty head of Donald Trump

He knows  diddly squat,

yet his views about a woman who knows better

makes good dinner jokes.


© Jacqueline Oby-Ikocha

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16 thoughts on “Empty Head…

  1. I have never seen a man take such a beating and go on about the business of doing what I and many others elected him to do. I guess we were expected to just forever watch our country go downhill – militarily, socially, financially, spiritually. And most of us are bullied to the point of silence. I don’t fit the rest of you, do I? It is basically a concept unheard of to have a politician who keeps his promises, but here’s hoping.

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    1. I feel sad that the leadership of one person has in the past months created deep discomfort amongst a people – it’s not as if it wasn’t there in the underlying shadows, but when a leader thrives on building a Nation based on fear, insults, lies, racial prejudice, hatred, discrimination and so much more, then there’ll be anarchy in that land wherever that may be.
      Every Nation on Earth is faced with issues, but the part that makes me laugh out loud is America’s claim to Christianity, yet sadly as a Christian, I fail to see that.
      Half of the Arab Nations that have been torn apart has been furthered by the US and other Western Nations out of selfish desire to appropriate and mind other peoples’ business.
      As a concerned human, I am less interested in what party anyone serves, but more interested in the common good of all – not for the common good of a chosen few.


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