Stream of Consciousness Saturday.

Hair You Go – Stream of Consciousness Saturday

Splitting hairs is simply not my thing. It’s a time-wasting effort to quibble over petty stuff that adds no real value to my life. Moreso, now that I realize the value of my time, I have no time to be an armchair critic or to sit in a highchair and pontificate over other people’s lives, when I can get up and go do things that are more elevating as long as they are not so hair-raising enough to curdle my blood in fear, which brings me to my hairstyles and me. 

Over decades my hair has evolved from one hairdo to the other, that I doubt if I can even count the number of times it I’ve worn it in a different way. I’ve had a crew cut, low cut, Shalamar cut, bobbed it, Jheri-curled it,  grown it out, permed it, wore afros, braids, weaves, tinted, coloured, bleached, the list is endless.

Each point in time, I enjoy the God-given adornment on my head and the alternating hair this and that. Afro hair is not as easy to manage, as the Caucasian hair thus you find Black women don’t joke with their hair in the least. They spend tons of money on hairdos and half of their lives in hair salons.

We also have lots of bad hair days when you wake up cross-eyed and have to spend sufficient time before the mirror trying to get the hair to behave itself. I got tired of all the hair works and indulged in a major hair cut sometime last year taking off the perm and growing a natural afro. Now, I have my hair in

Now, I have my hair in fabu-locks and they are going to stay this way for some time to come. I am totally enjoying the freedom the new hairdo allows me. Now I spend far less time spent in any hair salon and have no need to worry about bad hair days.

Well, enough hairy ramble, I got to run along. I promised to take my children somewhere today and they are literally in my hair bugging me to get going. Enjoy your weekend.


SoCS – Hair


5 thoughts on “Hair You Go – Stream of Consciousness Saturday

  1. My daughter loves experimenting with different styles, and I’m sure she’ll enjoy it even more as she gets older. But her white friends totally don’t get what it takes for her to make those strands behave…


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