Restless Waters

Restless Waters… A beautiful piece. Tragic yet liberating.



The smile upon her lips

but a freshly painted mask.

Old scars covered in pink ice

for the yearly masquerade ball.


Her long blue dress dancing in the moonlight

as she stands by a lonely window.

Looking down at the brightly light city,

she orders back the tears.


Her date due to arrive,

leaving no time for regret’s dark passage.

And tonight, she was in control –

not that bastard she married.


He tried breaking her young spirit

held captive inside his dazzling cage.

His will no match for hers in the end.

She was lucky, unlike many others.


She being free – her debt paid in full.

The change buried deep below restless waters.

Except for now and then

when escaping tears swam to the surface.


But tonight, she would not mourn.

Tonight she would hold her head up high.

For tonight, she would celebrate.

Tonight she would toast…

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