A Professional Journalist, Writer, Blogger: Getting To Know Sir Romanus Ngobesing

I call him Sir Romanus out of respect and much regards. Since we connected in this space, he’s been a voice of encouragement and support. He uses his blog actively as a platform to inspire and promote others and his openness is just heartwarming. Thank you for all you do Sir Romanus.


A bit about me

Thank you, Jackie for making me a guest on your blog! You are one of the bloggers I admire for the quality of your work and feel honored to be your guest.

My name is Ngobesing Suh Romanus, and I hail from Cameroon, in Central Africa. We are a close neighbor to Nigeria, the most populated country in Africa. My country is best known as a great football nation with stars like Roger Milla, the African Millenium player and 4-time African player of the year, Samuel Eto’o Fils.

I am a journalist by profession, a Senior Citizen retired (but not tired) in 2011 from the state-owned Cameroon Radio Television in Corporation, after thirty years of service. A month after retirement, I picked up my present position of pioneer Manager of the Catholic Radio in my Archdiocese, Radio Evangelium. I have had the duty and honor to set it up from scratch and have it running.

To know more about where I am coming from, I started secondary education in one of the best secondary institutions in my country, Sacred Heart College, before becoming a probationary teacher after passing a recruitment exam in 1967. One year later, I got into a Teacher Training College where I got trained to teach. Then I taught for a while before getting into University where I obtained a B.A in bilingual literary studies (French/English). I did one-year ‘Maitrise’, before proceeding to the International Higher School of Journalism in Yaounde. There, I did professional studies, obtaining a B.A. in Journalism. The study program offered me the opportunity to travel to France, Canada and the United States of America for internships in different institutions.

After school, I started my broadcasting career in 1981. In 1997, I travelled to Holland where I did a course on Human Rights in the Institute of Social Studies in The Hague.

My work over the years has impacted many people and changed their lives. Wherever I serve or go, I love the people I meet and they love me. In 2007, in recognition of my contribution to the transformation of the society, the International University of Bamenda awarded me an honorary Doctorate degree in Public Relations and Journalism.

My Pleasures and Displeasures

Talking about my likes, I love my work. My work as a journalist (broadcaster) writer and blogger has enabled me to serve more people than I ever imagined. I have impacted many lives positively and it gives me tremendous joy not just because it has made me a household name in my country, but because, I have had the chance to do what gives me real pleasure which is serving people, helping them make the most of their lives, and contributing, in my modest way, to make the world a better place for all.

I dislike injustice. I dislike when I see talent wasted because of the lack of the opportunity or motivation to develop it. I dislike the fact that the resources of the world are not fairly shared; some people swim in luxury while others wallow in misery. I think this should not be so. The rich must make their riches circulate so that no child fails to go to school because their parents can’t afford their fees; so that no child or adult dies because they cannot afford medical care; so that no family goes to bed without a meal because they cannot afford it. I think we should all work in a way that all of us, not just a few of us, will enjoy the world.

Blog Talk

I love my WordPress blog. I love the name Success Inspirers’ World. I started it when I became a Senior citizen. That was precisely in August 2014. Before then I had a blog on blogger which I struggled to run because I knew very little about ICT having never gone to a computer school. I learned computer informally from the students who came on internship and worked with me, as well as from my children, my spouse, and later on the staff in my present job. Surprisingly, today, I am doing far more than many who taught me.

I created a blog to reach out to those I knew needed the kind of help and support I had been offering my radio fans over the years and which was greatly embraced. I see many people who waste their lives, some of whom have enormous talents just because there is no one to help them discover who they are, or to encourage them to bring out the best in them. I enjoy inspiring, motivating and encouraging people. There are people who are failing woefully in their marriages whereas they should be succeeding and shining.

Since I spent all my working life assisting people this way and accumulated so much knowledge in these areas, I thought, and with encouragement from others, that I could reach more people through my blog. I still inspire, motivate and encourage people on radio but that is limited to how far the signals can go. They don’t even cover my country. It is this blog that has enabled me to reach parts of the world I would never have imagined. That has given me a tremendous feeling of fulfillment, and this is just the beginning.

Passion Inspires Me

My passion for what I am doing is my first source of motivation. My passion is unbounded. I go to bed with it and get out of bed with it. My conviction that what I am doing is right, useful, and helpful keeps me going. I am also motivated by what I have learned, shared and taught all my life. For instance, that the best is yet to come. I strongly believe I have not reached the summit which the Lord has earmarked for me. I believe God wants me to leave something for posterity and I have to work hard to do so. I have to explore beneath the mountain, beside the mountain, at the summit of the mountain and even dig into the mountain to discover it. It’s not going to come to me if I sit and wait. I have to go find it.

The Ups & Downs of Blogging

When I was going into blogging, I had very high expectations. I thought it would be easy to become a hero within a very short time. But it was not long before I saw it was an uphill task to win followers and drive traffic to my site. I would see other bloggers with so much traffic and wonder why I could not do like them. Some days were really discouraging. I would publish a post thinking it would go viral. It would not even take off the ground. For almost three years on WordPress,  have not published a post which has drawn the number of clicks or likes I can brandish to others. It’s really hard, but I am happy that I have kept on. I am happy with where I am today, knowing how difficult it is.

In fact, I do encourage others to blog. I am even helping others to blog and to reach more readers. Blogging is a way to share ideas, and participate in building people and the world. I have more than fifty authors who are free to publish on my site if that can help them reach more readers. But of course, it does not help them alone. It also helps me and the world.

A Typical Day with Me

I get up quite early, between 3 and 5 am. I do blogging for some time; then listen to radio. I have a daily radio reflection which I present and it triggers calls from the public. I leave for work by 9 am and go home at 6 pm. My spouse has the responsibility in her office so she is at work a lot of times too. Our children are grown so no worries about caring for children. Back home, I do some blogging before I go to bed. My social activities are limited. I don’t go out to drink as I see a lot of people do. I do not have time to waste. I work a lot. I believe hard work pays. I encourage people to work hard and I show the example.

What Tomorrow Might Bring

I look forward to seeing Success Inspirers’ World grow into a website which is visited by millions of readers around the world. My dream is that it becomes a real platform where other bloggers and readers get help, inspiration, and motivation to succeed on their own blogs or in life. I am thinking seriously about monetizing it so that it brings in some money. With money, we can achieve a lot. I am building an international team that will work with me to create something of a sensation. I believe there are real talented and honest people who can form a team with me and if we succeed everybody will get rewarded fairly. I am a fair person and would not like anybody who makes a contribution to our success not to be rewarded for it. I am happy that I continue to get more authors interested in what we are doing. It is easier to succeed as a team than to succeed alone. Some people fear to join teams and want to stand out and shine alone. Many never shine. Many heads are better than one. I want all of us on Success Inspirers’ World to be part of a great dream; to journey together, shine together and get the glory together. As soon as I can afford the finances, I will upgrade this site and new things will begin. I have so much faith in the future. Age does not bother me. I’ll keep working to make the most of my opportunities and contribute as best I can to make the world an excellent place for all. I have written a lot.

My publications include,”A loving Woman in
Tears” (Novel) “Mr. Money Man, Too Rich to Die'(Play),’ The Teacher’,
‘Girls and Life’, and ‘The Wonders of Wisdom.’ ‘Thought Waves’

I welcome encouragement and support in any form.

Reach me at ngobesingromanuss@gmail.com. My blog is Success Inspirers’ World


15 thoughts on “A Professional Journalist, Writer, Blogger: Getting To Know Sir Romanus Ngobesing

  1. I’ve been following “Success Inspirers’ World” for some time now. A great blog. Thank you so much for sharing this wonderful interview, Jacqueline. 🙂 Ngobesing Suh Romanus is a man of many talents, and a good example of what can be accomplished with hard work. An inspiration to read.

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  2. I like that – ‘retired but not tired’. Sir Romanus is a wonderful example of success and achievement. A big-hearted gentleman, an inspirational figure. Thanks for sharing this Jacqueline.

    Liked by 1 person

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