Today I Struggle…personal

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Today I struggle to find joy because I feel sick to the pit of my stomach.

There are days that one wakes up and your faith in humanity is shaken to the core, but in the raging storm lies a quiet voice that whispers to my soul.

The arm of flesh will surely fail you if you look to things that are transient. Keep your eye’s on the things that satisfy that no man can take away. It’s normal to want everything to go as we would like in our lives and around us and a lot of times it fails to go that way.

May we find the strength to hold on to things far more tangible that our souls may remain in a state of gratitude. For even in trying times, the goodness of the Lord will prevail.

Today, I struggle to shake off the foreboding of the dark clouds that paint the horizon…

© Jacqueline Oby-Ikocha


54 thoughts on “Today I Struggle…personal

  1. I wanted to respond to you with heart. My day is a dark one. Not sure if we are feeling this way for the same reasons. I’ve followed you for a long while and your words have filled me with hope. Even when I sense a low in your tone, your warm heart shines through it. I went looking for a video I had seen a few days ago to share with you but I am unable to find the direct link, instead I have the author of that video’s facebook page link. (the video is a couple posts down on his page and worth the viewing I promise.) It was election that inspired him to make this message of love. The words mean more to me today than days ago when I first heard it. It is a powerful message for every day, for all things and for everyone to hear. “If you need love, the truth is love needs you.” As I said you might be in a different place than I am at this moment but we are still the same in love. Be well.

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  2. I hope all is well. I am heartsick over the decisions of my countrymen and women and worried about the America they envision. All the progress we’ve made in the last eight years is now at risk. God save us from our leaders and ourselves.

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  3. Dear Jacqueline,

    I am so sorry to hear that. Sometimes we can be picking up on feelings from our loved ones, sometimes it can be ourselves and sometimes it can be a burden that God is laying on your heart to maybe pray for.

    Whatever it is, I pray God will grant you his wisdom and that his peace and comfort will surround you.

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  4. We are grieving at our failure, the failure of America. We take up the loyal opposition. The Republicans do not seem to realize that tyranny and mobster-ism are expensive in the long run, even if profitable in the short. We grieve for what may occur in the Ukraine, and for the New Trail of Tears, sure to make America at least as great as when Andrew Jackson marched the English speaking, Christian Cherokee from the Georgia to Mississippi, killing I think a quarter, old and young, men and women, contrary to the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court, John Marshall, who told him he could not do it.. Maybe Mr. Trumpette will put himself on the 20$ Bill! Maybe he will use the portrait for which his charity paid 20,000$. We will practice Hope, Faith, free speech and Martin Luther King-Ghandi style peaceful protest (At least till they hit girls). Let our unrestrained comedy exceed tyhat of the Fool of King Lear, as the new tyranny exceeds all but one in that play. We have already told Barak we want Saint Martin Luther King Jr. to replace him on the twenty, but if we must have another white guy, let it be rather John Marshall, a truly great man. Barack wanted Harriet Taubman.

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  5. Sis,

    Life is full of ups and downs, the irony is that when one thinks they’ve got it bad, there’s someone else even worse off who still manages to smile regardless.

    Please stay positive, everything good will come! 🙂

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  6. Just seeing this sis… He rules in the affairs of mankind. I was greatly disappointed too but we’ve got to trust in his everlasting arms to gently guide. The scary part is that he sometimes gives us humans what we desire… Whether that is good or not is another matter. But hey we mustn’t despair… He is still in control. So hold your peace my dear. Love you.

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