Sublime Scars – From Kavita Chavda

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She loved moonlight, raindrops and

the beauty of nature around the fields of crops

and as other things that have soul

because she often feels the universe’s call.

All her scars shined bright in the moonlight

when universe asked about her ugly scars.

The things she could not reveal

to anybody but herself

because she bleeds in colours

that this world does not understand.

They said, understand soul?

Soul with ugly scars?

She said it’s the

soul that reveals love.

Soul that reveals purity.

After the years of pleading,

purity of the soul finally shined

under the moonlight

with love shred like raindrops.


I am Kavita Chavda from India. I am an Introvert at heart, a writer by passion, an engineer by profession, a philosopher, a counselor, a dreamer and an over-thinker. I love relationships at soul-level. Writing is my passion and I talk my heart out through writing. According to me, words are the greatest invention of mankind! They create magic. They make us relive moments. They take us to places we’ve never been.

My blog ‘Playing with Words’ is all about these enchanting words that in some or the other way relates to all of our lives.

You can connect with me on my blog WriteKavita

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One thought on “Sublime Scars – From Kavita Chavda

I love it when you decorate my heart with your words..

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