The Global Village – A Click A Day.

I walked past this office with the map and stepped back to take a second look. With their permission, I looked at it with keen interest. Yes, I’ve seen the World map before – luckily I did geography in school, so I do know a bit about my longitudes and latitudes but that wasn’t where my interest lay.

I noticed that though we are set apart by natural and man-made boundaries, we are all still joined together.

I noticed that the World today seems smaller than it was in my mind as a child. That today, I am bound to know what might be happening in Greenland right as it unfolds and it brought this thought to my mind; ‘that the lack of concern about what’s happening in other places is living in a fools’ paradise.’

Crisis and trouble have no borders and eventually, when not checked and contained, it becomes everyone’s trouble. We have to make wise decisions in choosing those who become our leaders because our small and unselfish decisions truly matter in the larger scheme of things.


out-of-the-silent-breath 2


12 thoughts on “The Global Village – A Click A Day.

  1. That’s kind of a cool map! I take your point, though. In the modern world, a problem for one country can very quickly become a problem for many. I guess the terrible civil war in Syria might be a clear example. I hope we can all learn to work together peacefully for the greater good.

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